John Kachuba

The Life and Deaths of Frankie D.

By Colleen Nelson - Published 2021


Children/Young Adult

Frankie lives the life of a teenage outcast, someone who finds it difficult to trust others. And why not? Born with a rare ...Read Review

Flight: A Novel of a Daring Escape During World War II

By Vanessa Harbour - Published 2021


Children/Young Adult

At least twice during their long history, the famed Lipizzaner horses of the Spanish Riding School had to be removed from their home ...Read Review

Poison Priestess (Lady Slayers)

By Lana Popovic - Published 2021


Children/Young Adult

Times are difficult for women of little means in 17th-century France, especially if they are young, poor orphans working in the candle-making sweatshop ...Read Review

Tell No Tales: Pirates of the Southern Seas

By Sam Maggs - Published 2021


Children/Young AdultNautical

This graphic novel recounts the adventures of real-life 18th-century pirates Anne Bonny and Mary Read, with cameo appearances by Jack Rackham. Anne’s ...Read Review

Malcolm and Me

By Robin Farmer - Published 2020


Children/Young Adult

In 1974 Philadelphia, thirteen-year-old Roberta Forest calls Thomas Jefferson a hypocrite for being a slaveowner, and her eighth-grade teacher, Sister Elizabeth, retaliates by telling ...Read Review

The Peacemakers

By Rebecca Suter Lindsay - Published 2021


Children/Young Adult

Not every Virginian is pleased with the 1861 state referendum that allows Virginia to secede from the Union and join the Confederate States of ...Read Review

Sicilian Dreams

By Vincent Panella - Published 2020


In 1907 Sicily, Santo Regina, a young widower, finds it difficult to make a living in a society divided into landowners and peasants. Seeing ...Read Review

Daphne Byrne (Hill House Comics)

By Laura Marks - Published 2020



In late 19th-century New York City, during the heyday of spiritualist seances, fourteen-year-old Daphne is filled with rage caused by the sudden death ...Read Review

The Woman in Red

By Diana Giovinazzo - Published 2020


Biographical Fiction

Historical fiction often allows writers and readers the opportunity to explore the lives of people whose names may be missing from history textbooks, ...Read Review

Chickasaw Adventures: The Complete Collection

By Tom Lyle - Published 2019


Children/Young AdultTime-slip

Fifteen years ago, Chickasaw Adventures was released as a series of seven graphic novels, illustrated by Marvel and DC Comics artist Tom Lyle. ...Read Review

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