John H. Manhold

The American War

By Don Meyer - Published 2012


In this unusual Vietnam War story, Sam Kensington, an average G.I., along with his buddy Wilson, are veterans of numerous patrols and ...Read Review

Bitter Passage

By Elizabeth Buechner Morris - Published 2011


Hermann Reinhardt, a successful Prussian linen mill operator in the era of the ’49 California Gold Rush, decides to leave for America, where he ...Read Review

Liberty’s Children

By David More - Published 2011



In this third novel of the Smithyman series, More has provided interesting insight into the conflicts existing in the early days of the ...Read Review

The Gauntlet Runner

By S. Thomas Bailey - Published 2011


Jacob and Maggie Murray, young Pennsylvania pioneer farmers, are the main characters in this story set against the background of the French and ...Read Review

Godric the Kingslayer (Sons of Mercia, vol. 2)

By Jayden Woods - Published 2011


Biographical Fiction

Eadric Streona is an unusual swineherd who, by intelligent maneuvering and some good fortune, managed to elevate his position in medieval Mercia, becoming ...Read Review

People of the Bear Mother

By T. D. Austin - Published 2011


Author Austin, impressed by Jean Clottes’ book on the Pont’ d’Arc cave-painting discoveries of Jean Marie Chauvet in 1994, sets out to imagine ...Read Review

Bending the Boyne

By J. S. Dunn - Published 2011


Dunn’s story of the early years of Ireland’s inhabitants is a fascinating account of what happened to the residents of the ...Read Review

The Fall of the Iron Prow

By Timothy Kearns - Published 2011



In this story of a young man and woman’s attempts to save Constantinople during 13th-century wars among Byzantine princes, Venetians, Crusaders, and ...Read Review

Bay of Pigs, Blood of Cuba

By Thomas Dehel - Published 2011



True to the author’s description of his book being “a fairly accurate depiction of truth with an overlay of fiction,” Dehel presents ...Read Review

$teel Dreams

By Alan Jenkins - By Kaitlyn Jenkins - Published 2010


Shortly after the 1928 stock market collapse, James Campbell, the founder of Youngstown Sheet and Tube (S&T) and Frank Purnell, its president, ...Read Review