John H. Manhold

The Amulet of Cananea (Song of Carmelita)

By Raymond F. Cavanaugh - Published 2014


Cavanaugh’s story follows persons associated with a gem-encrusted gold cross reportedly given to a priest for saving the life of Hernando Cortez ...Read Review

Cup of Blood

By Jeri Westerson - Published 2014



Crispin Guest, the main character of this novel set in medieval England, is a disgraced knight who has been banished from court for ...Read Review

A Man of Feathers

By Roger Paulding - Published 2014



Solomon Seney, the son of a Maryland plantation owner in the 1700s, having lost the love of his life, is persuaded by a ...Read Review

The Spider and the Stone

By Glen Craney - Published 2014



Glen Craney’s novel is set in the familiar turbulent period of Scotland’s attempts to escape English rule. Similar to other descriptions ...Read Review

Blue Damask

By Annmarie Banks - Published 2013



In Banks’s unusual story of the Middle East, Elsa Schluss, daughter of an Austrian brewer and former war nurse, is now a ...Read Review

Kingdoms Fall: The Laxenburg Message

By Edward Parr - Published 2014



Lieutenant David Gresham, bastard son of an English industrialist, is part of the invading force during the British landing at Gallipoli. He is ...Read Review

The Swan Bonnet

By Katherine L. Holmes - Published 2013


This historical novel set in early 20th century coastal Alaska is an interesting character study of a particular type of people at a ...Read Review

The Weaver’s Web

By Chris Pearce - Published 2013



The story centers on the trials of the Henry Wakefield family in England during the Industrial Revolution. The increased need for workers added ...Read Review

The Last Tears of Scotland

By Thomas Greenlaw - Published 2013


Greenlaw presents the lives of two Lords of Hume as they struggle with their assigned task of keeping peace in the border region ...Read Review

After the Fog

By Kathleen Shoop - Published 2012


This novel is set in the steel town of Donora, PA in 1949 when an unusual weather pattern caused by stagnation of the overlying ...Read Review