Joanna Urquhart

Destitutio Quod Remissio

By Brett Armstrong -



Brett Armstrong’s debut novel is set during the reign of the Roman emperor Diocletian and hinges on his persecution of the Christians ...Read Review

Even in Darkness

By Barbara Stark-Nemon - Published 2015


Barbara Stark-Nemon’s Even in Darkness dramatizes virtually the entire 20th century German experience through the life of the book’s main character, ...Read Review

The Angel of Mons: A World War I Legend

By Jerred Metz - Published 2014



The persistent myth of angels appearing out of the clouds in August of 1914 in order to save the beleaguered British Expeditionary Force from ...Read Review

Claimed by the Enemy

By Shauna Roberts - Published 2014



The Akkadian conquest of ancient Susa forms the unusual backdrop for Roberts’ latest historical novel, in which proud, haunted Crown Princess Nindalla, still ...Read Review

The Ghosts of Watt O’Hugh

By Steven S. Drachman - Published 2014



The first two volumes of Steven Drachman’s uproarious series The Memoirs of Watt O’Hugh are now printed in paperback editions with ...Read Review

Her Promised Road

By Efrat Israeli - Published 2014


“I love [America] for all her great strides and aspirations,” says Devorah Abramson, the central character in Efrat Israeli’s new novel Her ...Read Review

The Captive Queen: A Novel of Mary Stuart

By Danny Saunders - Published 2014


Biographical Fiction

In his historical fiction debut, Danny Saunders takes his readers to 16th-century Scotland and the storied reign of Mary Queen of Scots as ...Read Review

The Observer

By Natalie Wexler - Published 2014


Biographical Fiction

Wexler (The Mother Daughter Show, A More Obedient Wife) bases her latest novel on the life of Eliza Anderson, who became in 1807 the ...Read Review