Joanna Urquhart

The Sum of His Worth

By Ron Argo - Published 2013


Ron Argo’s latest novel, The Sum of His Worth, is an unusual and highly charged combination of social fiction and coming-of-age story. ...Read Review

Language of the Bear (Tomahawk & Saber, Book 1)

By Evan Ronan - By Nathanael Green - Published 2015



“In the hostile wilderness of Colonial America, a young Native American warrior and a British officer are forced into a secret assassination mission.” ...Read Review

Next Year in Jerusalem

By John Kolchak - Published 2015


John Kolchak drastically re-imagines the life-story of Jesus of Nazareth in his novel Next Year in Jerusalem, telling the tale of illiterate, epileptic ...Read Review

The Governess

By Noorilhuda - Published 2015



“The art of life is to believe … Believe in the power of God, in His better judgment, to trust Him that each person ...Read Review

Immigrant Soldier: The Story of a Ritchie Boy

By K. Lang-Slattery - Published 2015


Biographical Fiction

“On a cold November morning in 1938, Herman watches in horror as his cousin is arrested. As a Jew, he realizes it is past ...Read Review

Lily’s Story

By Don Gutteridge - Published 2014


Don Gutteridge’s big, atmospheric novel Lily’s Story begins in rural Lambton County, Ontario in 1840. It follows the title character, Lily, through ...Read Review

Undone by Fate’s Hand

By Veronika Pelka - Published 2015



Veronika Pelka very skilfully sets an adventure story and a murder mystery inside the larger tensions of Napoleon Bonaparte’s exile to the ...Read Review

For My People (Awacha Nay, Book 1)

By Heidi Ennis - Published 2015



The tribal world of the Pacific Northwest in the years before the European invasion of North America forms the backdrop to For My ...Read Review

A White Room

By Stephanie Carroll - Published 2013


Stephanie Carroll’s 2013 novel A White Room opens with an epigraph by Charlotte Perkins Gilman, which is apt, since the novel owes a ...Read Review

Lost in Tanganyika

By Thomas Thorpe - Published 2015



Thomas Thorpe continues his breezy, immensely enjoyable series of Victorian murder mysteries starring English married couple William and Elizabeth Darmon with this latest ...Read Review