Joanna Urquhart

The Heirs of Fortune

By Heather Domin - Published 2016



The second book in Heather Domin’s Valerian’s Legion series follows Rome’s 24th Legion under General Cassius Valerian and his adjutant (...Read Review

Bela’s Letters

By Jeff Ingber - Published 2016


Biographical Fiction

The grim fate of Eastern Europe’s Jews forms the vivid backdrop for Jeff Ingber’s autobiographical, genealogical novel Bela’s Letters, a ...Read Review

Illusions of Magic: Love and Intrigue in 1933 Chicago

By J. B. Rivard - Published 2016


1933. J. B. Rivard centers part of his novel Illusions of Magic around a true-life and little-known historical incident: an attempted assassination of Franklin ...Read Review

The Warlock and the Wolf: (The Naturalist, Book 1)

By Delfy Hall - Published 2015


Historical Fantasy

The Warlock & The Wolf, the first book in the Naturalist series, is an intriguing blend of fantasy and historical fiction in which ...Read Review

The Cruel Romance

By Marina Osipova - Published 2016


Marina Osipova’s The Cruel Romance begins in a small village outside Moscow in 1941, when a young woman named Serafima is sending her ...Read Review

The Sum of His Worth

By Ron Argo - Published 2013


Ron Argo’s latest novel, The Sum of His Worth, is an unusual and highly charged combination of social fiction and coming-of-age story. ...Read Review

Limehouse Boys

By Patrick G. Cox - Published 2015



The poor parish of St Anne’s in London’s 1830s Limehouse district forms the backdrop for Patrick Cox’s latest novel, Limehouse ...Read Review

Daughter of Destiny (Guinevere’s Tale Book One)

By Nicole Evelina - Published 2015


Historical Fantasy

Nicole Evelina takes a fantasy-supernatural approach to the old familiar story of Queen Guinevere from Arthurian legends in Daughter of Destiny, the first ...Read Review

The Last Wife of Attila the Hun

By Joan Schweighardt - Published 2015


“Two threads are flawlessly woven together in this sweeping historical novel. In one, Gudrun, a Burgundian noblewoman, dares to enter the City of ...Read Review

Courageous Footsteps

By Diane Dettmann - Published 2015


The historical injustice of President Franklin Roosevelt’s order to imprison all West Coast Japanese people in 1942 for the duration of the war ...Read Review