Jo Barton

Children of the Chieftain: Banished

By Michael E. Wills - Published 2015


AdventureChildren/Young Adult

Children of the Chieftain: Banished, follows the exciting adventures of a group of fearless young people whose lives have been altered by a ...Read Review

Bonfire of the Vanderbilts

By Gerald Everett Jones - Published 2015


Bonfire of the Vanderbilts is based on Julius Leblanc Stewart’s 1892 painting entitled The Baptism. This fictional interpretation of the painting’s story ...Read Review

Saint George, Rusty Knight, and Monster Tamer

By John Powell - Published 2015


AdventureChildren/Young Adult

Saint George, Rusty Knight, and Monster Tamer is a series of nine self-contained historical short stories which introduces George, a hapless knight who ...Read Review

The Tragickall History of Henry Fowst

By Griselda Heppel - Published 2015


AdventureChildren/Young AdultTime-slip

Loosely based on the mythical story of Faust, The Tragickall History of Henry Fowst opens in England in 1585, and tells the story of ...Read Review

Ratchet the Reluctant Witch

By Sara Pascoe - Published 2015


Children/Young AdultTime-slip

The eponymous Rachet is a troubled fourteen-year-old who is tired of living in foster care and desperate to find her own way in ...Read Review

Out of Time

By Loretta Livingstone - Published 2015



During a visit in May 2006 to the ancient Sparnstow Abbey, Marion rests in the shade of an old tree whilst her two daughters, ...Read Review

Pippo’s War

By Marion Kenyon Jones - Published 2015


Set mainly in Northern Italy during the latter months of the Second World War, Pippo’s War is a wartime story which incorporates, ...Read Review

The (Phantasmagorical) Astrarium Compendium

By Mark Roland Langdale - Published 2015


Historical Fantasy

Gulliver’s antiques emporium is filled with the grandfather clocks and ancient globes of the seventeenth century. It is the place where Gulliver ...Read Review

Mosquito Mansion and My Adventures in Mudland

By Christopher Hedgethorne - Published 2015


Children/Young Adult

When twelve-year-old Alexander Drabb, also known as Sandy, is sent to the strange land of mud to live with his uncle George, he ...Read Review

The First Vet

By Linda Chamberlain - Published 2014


Biographical Fiction

Taking its inspiration from the first veterinary college and its students, The First Vet opens in London in 1794, and focuses on the true ...Read Review