Jo Ann Butler

Magic in the Weave (A Gabriel Tavener Mystery, 4)

By Limited - By Severn House Publishers - Published 2022



It’s October 1604 when Dr. Gabriel Taverner and his sister Celia attend a new play in Plymouth, England. The Company is a skilled ...Read Review

The Diplomat of Florence: A Novel of Machiavelli and the Borgias

By Anthony Wildman - Published 2020


In 1494, with a French army sweeping through Italy’s northern kingdoms, Florence’s apocalyptic preacher Savonarola warns that God’s retribution against corrupt ...Read Review

Hideous Progeny: Mary Shelley and Her Monster

By Vaughn Entwistle - Published 2020


Biographical Fiction

Have you ever taken a romantic trip with friends—to Lake Geneva, Switzerland, perhaps—only to be kept inside by rain? In 1818, you ...Read Review


By Malcolm Brooks - Published 2021


It’s 1936, and Montana’s winter is closing in when fourteen-year-old Houston “Huck” Finn completes a glider based on the Wright brothers’ successful ...Read Review

Estelle: A Novel

By Linda Stewart Henley - Published 2020


The art world is not notable for instant success – we’ve all praised debut novels, but have you ever heard of an amazing ...Read Review

The Last Train to Key West

By Chanel Cleeton - Published 2020


During the Great Depression the U.S. workforce was flooded with idled veterans, but jobs vanished along with World War I. Unemployment was ...Read Review

The Patron Saint of Pregnant Girls: A Novel

By Ursula Hegi - Published 2020


The Ludwig Zirkus comes to Germany’s Nordstrand Island every summer, thrilling the town with trained animals in painted wagons, acrobats, and clowns. ...Read Review

While the Music Played

By Nathaniel Lande - Published 2020


Max Mueller has been serenaded by the finest music since birth, for his Berlin-born father is the lionized conductor of Prague’s symphony ...Read Review

How Much of These Hills Is Gold

By C. Pam Zhang - Published 2020



Sam and Lucy are at one of life’s terrible crossroads: their father has just died, with their mother gone before. The orphans, ...Read Review

Send Judah First: The Erased Life of an Enslaved Soul

By Brian C Johnson - Published 2019


Yuda is only twelve when her Ivory Coast village is raided by slavers. In Virginia, Yuda is purchased by a plantation owner increasing ...Read Review

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