Jessica Brockmole

Time After Time

By Lisa Grunwald - Published 2019



Every year on December fifth, the sun aligns with Manhattan’s street grid and the light of the rising and setting sun is ...Read Review

Stars in His Eyes

By Adrian Nathan West (trans.) - By Marti Gironell - Published 2019


Biographical Fiction

In 1949, twenty-one-year-old Ceferino Carrión flees Barcelona to escape Franco’s violent regime and evade mandatory military service. He stows away on a ...Read Review

The Tubman Command

By Elizabeth Cobbs - Published 2019


In the spring of 1863, the Union army is reeling from defeats. One of their spies, working along South Carolina’s Combahee River under ...Read Review

Haunting Paris

By Mamta Chaudhry - Published 2019


In the summer of 1989, all of Paris is celebrating the bicentennial. Sylvie, still mourning the recent death of her partner, Julian, feels set ...Read Review

In the Midnight Room

By Laura McBride - Published 2018


In the Midnight Room is a complex and layered story about four women’s lives—sometimes passing, sometimes intersecting—throughout the second half ...Read Review

The Glovemaker

By Ann Weisgarber - Published 2019


Ann Weisgarber excels at the slowly unfurling tale, where the characters’ waiting and indecision build tension as deftly as any action sequence. The ...Read Review

Women of the Dunes

By Sarah Maine - Published 2018


In three interwoven storylines, the legend of a Viking woman and a solitary monk on a remote Scottish island comes to life. Archaeologist ...Read Review

The Road to Dawn: Josiah Henson and the Story that Sparked the Civil War

By Jared A. Brock - Published 2018



In 1830, after 41 years in slavery, Josiah Henson fled Kentucky with his wife and four children, walking 600 miles and finding freedom on Canadian soil. ...Read Review

The Road to Paradise: A Vintage National Parks Novel

By Karen Barnett - Published 2017



Margaret Lane might be a senator’s daughter, but she’s always dreamed of working at Mount Rainier National Park, a park her ...Read Review

A Conspiracy in Belgravia

By Sherry Thomas - Published 2017



This second installment in the enjoyable Lady Sherlock Series has the intrepid Charlotte Holmes meeting new cases with a fresh confidence after her ...Read Review

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