Jenna Pavleck

Five Days, Five Dead (The China Bohannon Series)

By Carol Wright Crigger - Published 2018



Five Days, Five Dead is the fifth book in the China Bohannon mystery series. In this installment, China is hired by a wealthy ...Read Review

My Mother’s Son

By David Hirshberg - Published 2018



My Mother’s Son is narrated by Joel, a retiring radio raconteur, as he reflects on his family’s past as Jewish immigrants ...Read Review

The Patchwork Bride

By Sandra Dallas - Published 2018



Ellen is making a wedding quilt for her granddaughter, June, when June shows up for a visit and announces that she is calling ...Read Review

Legends of the Lost Causes

By Brad McLelland - By Louis Sylvester - Published 2018


Children/Young AdultFantasyWestern

In this debut novel, Brad McLelland and Louis Sylvester combine elements of The Lord of the Rings, The Walking Dead, and Butch Cassidy ...Read Review


By Michael Northrop - Published 2017


Children/Young AdultNautical

Adventure, suspense, and horror abound in this compelling middle-grade science fiction novel. The ship Polaris has set sail in the 1830s on a ...Read Review

Canary Club

By SHERRY D. FICKLIN - Published 2017


Children/Young AdultMystery/Crime

Massie Schultz is the daughter of Dutch Schultz, a notorious crime boss in 1920s New York City. Her beautiful voice and stunning good ...Read Review

Bounty of Greed: The Lincoln County Wars

By Paul Colt - Published 2017



Paul Colt continues his Bounty series with a historical dramatization about the Lincoln County wars. James Dolan, a businessman with strong political ties, ...Read Review

The Moment of Truth

By Damian McNicholl - Published 2017


Biographical Fiction

This is a coming-of-age story inspired by real events in the life of the first American female bullfighter. Kathleen Boyd leaves behind her ...Read Review