Jeff Westerhoff

Trail Angel

By Derek Catron - Published 2016



In 1866, ex-Union Army cavalryman Josey Angel is guiding the Rutledge family and others to the goldfields of Montana. Known as the Angel of ...Read Review

Ruler of the Night

By David Morrell - Published 2016



In 1855, Britain’s passenger train service to and from London, and all points in between, is in its infancy. A mysterious murder is ...Read Review

The King’s Scarlet

By John M. Danielski - Published 2016



Royal Marine Captain Thomas Pennywhistle, along with his sidekick Sargent Dale, are sent on a secret mission into the Spanish interior with a ...Read Review

A Civil Issue

By Curt Von Fange - Published 2016


During the Civil War, Henri Mueller and his crew are explosive engineers for the Union Army. They are taken prisoner, and soon after ...Read Review

The Curse of Skull Canyon

By Peter Brandvold - Published 2016



Fourteen-year-old Lonnie Gentry lives with his mother and infant stepbrother on a ranch, raising cattle in the Never Ending Mountains of Colorado. While ...Read Review

El Paso

By Winston Groom - Published 2016



In 1915, northern Mexico is in a state of revolution led by Pancho Villa and his army. There are American mining and ranching interests ...Read Review

Blood & Steel: Throne of the Caesars

By Harry Sidebottom - Published 2016



In 238 AD, twenty-one months after Maximinus Thrax becomes Emperor of Rome, two men in Carthage, Gordian the Younger, a Legate, and his elderly ...Read Review

Bill Doolin: American Outlaw

By Bill Brooks - Published 2016


Biographical FictionWestern

In 1892, order is slowly coming to the Old West. Oklahoma Territory is one of the last bastions where outlaws can hide out. Bill ...Read Review

History’s Child

By Charles M. Boyer - Published 2016


In 1939, young Tadek Gradinski and his family live a carefree lifestyle in Poland. Their lives are interrupted in 1940 when the Russian army invades. ...Read Review

The Downeaster: Deadly Voyage

By Paul Thomas Fuhrman - Published 2015



It’s 1872 Boston, and a clipper, a downeaster named Providence, is ready to set sail under Captain Isaac Griffin. He is also part-owner, ...Read Review