Jeff Westerhoff

Jacob’s Ladder

By Ludmila Ulitskaya - Published 2019



This multi-generational Russian saga covers the period from 1905 until 2011. In 1911, young Jacob Ossetsky meets and falls in love with Marusya Kerns, an aspiring ...Read Review

Storms of Retribution (Talon)

By James Boschert - Published 2019



In 1187, the treaty between the Kingdom of Jerusalem, ruled by Guy de Lusignan, and the Arab world, led by Salah Ed Din, is ...Read Review

The Lights of Cimarrón

By Jim Jones - Published 2019



Tommy Stallings, sheriff of Cimarron in New Mexico Territory, is ordered to relocate to the new county seat in Springer, several miles away. ...Read Review

Fugitive Sheriff

By Edward Massey - Published 2019



In July 1883, during the celebration of Pioneer Day in Coalville in Summit County, Utah Territory, the Sheriff is killed in a shoot-out. Arriving ...Read Review

A Sinister Splendor: A Mexican War Novel

By Mike Blakely - Published 2019



In 1845, General Zachary Taylor and his American army arrive at Corpus Christi, Texas. Taylor has been ordered by President James K. Polk to ...Read Review

Playing Chess with God: A Novel

By Verne R. Albright - Published 2018



In 1848, gold is discovered in California. Aboard a freighter, young Prussian Henning Dietzel arrives in the Chilean port of Talcahuano.  A prostitute with ...Read Review

Have Your Ticket Punched by Frank James (A Jemmy McBustle Mystery)

By Fedora Amis - Published 2019



Jemmy McBustle is a young novice reporter for the Illuminator newspaper, located in St. Louis in 1898. She seems to always be on the ...Read Review

Contention and Other Frontier Stories: A Five Star Anthology (Five Star Western)

By Johnny D. Boggs - By Loren D. Estleman - By Max McCoy - By Michael Zimmer - Published 2019


Short StoriesWestern

This book is the publisher’s second anthology of new short stories written by seventeen well-known Western writers. The tales are of the ...Read Review

Fortuna and the Scapegrace: A Dark Comedy South Seas Adventure (The Epic of Didier Rain)

By Brian Kindall - Published 2019



Didier Rain finds himself in San Francisco in 1850, his clothes in tatters and broke. Discovering a coin, he uses it to pay a ...Read Review

Dark Territory (A Sheriff Aaron Mackey Western)

By Terrence McCauley - Published 2019



Sheriff Aaron Mackey and his deputy Billy Sunday are the law in Dover Station, a small town in Montana Territory. A building project ...Read Review

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