Jeff Westerhoff

Beyond the Horizons

By Douglas Boren - Published 2014


The Civil War is raging in the West. Mace Alexander of Tennessee, along with his three friends, is faced with fighting the Union ...Read Review

Murphy’s Law: The Regulator – Book Two

By Ethan J. Wolfe - Published 2016



In September 1881, Chester A. Arthur is sworn in as President of the United States. Murphy, known as the Regulator, and who has served ...Read Review

A Friend of Mr. Lincoln

By Stephen R. Harrigan - Published 2016


Biographical Fiction

During the 1830s, Springfield, Illinois, is a political hotbed for both Whig and Democratic politics. Abraham Lincoln, a young lawyer, is a Whig ...Read Review

Bounty of Vengeance: Ty’s Story

By Paul Colt - Published 2016



Ty Ledger, former sheriff of Cheyenne, Wyoming, is on the trail of Patch, a half-Indian serial killer who murdered Ledger’s wife and ...Read Review

The Wild Ones — A Western Duo

By Peter Brandvold - Published 2016



The first story is titled Stillman’s War and is written under the author’s own name, Peter Brandvold, while Blood Trail of ...Read Review

The Occupation Trilogy

By Patrick Modiano - Published 2015



This is a single-volume presentation of Patrick Modiano’s three short novels, originally published in the 1960s through 1972. La Place De L’Étoile, ...Read Review

Echoes of Massacre Canyon

By Ben Tyler - Published 2016



Clint Ramsay works for the Underwood Detective Agency. In 1881, he travels to San Reale, Texas at the behest of his longtime friend and ...Read Review

Custer’s Cavalier

By Thom Nicholson - Published 2016



At the battle of Gettysburg in July 1863, General George Armstrong Custer begins his career as a leader of the Union cavalry. Lt. Colonel ...Read Review

Carlisle: Journey to the White Clouds

By Wallace J. Swenson - Published 2016



It is 1858, and Paul and Anna Steele and their family of five are living in a sod house near the town of Carlisle ...Read Review

Blood of the Oak

By Eliot Pattison - Published 2016



In the spring of 1765, the small community of Edentown, New York, led by Sarah Ramsey, is a quiet town segregated from colonial strife ...Read Review