Jeff Westerhoff

The Map of Chaos (The Map of Time Trilogy, Book 3)

By Felix J. Palma - Published 2015



This novel is an historical fantasy set during the Victorian Age. Three literary greats of the time – Arthur Conan Doyle, H.G. Wells, ...Read Review

Stealing Games: How John McGraw Transformed Baseball with the 1911 New York Giants

By Maury Klein - Published 2016



In 1911, the New York Giants of the National League stole 347 bases, a record that still stands today. The early baseball seasons were known ...Read Review

Glory over Everything

By Kathleen Grissom - Published 2016


Jamie Pyke is a successful merchant in Philadelphia in 1830. Unbeknownst to members of local society, Jamie was born on a Southern plantation, the ...Read Review

The Teeth of the Souls

By Steve Yates - Published 2015



After the Civil War, young Leighton Shea Morkan inherits the Morkan Quarry outside of Springfield, Missouri. To make a profit, he hires many ...Read Review

Cape Hell

By Loren D. Estleman - Published 2016



The Civil War ended 20 years ago, but, unfortunately, several former Confederate soldiers hope to raise an army, conquer Mexico City, and then continue ...Read Review

The Dalwich Desecration

By Gregory Harris - Published 2016



In Victorian England, Colin Pendragon and his trusted companion, Ethan Pruitt, investigate a gruesome crime within Whitmore Abbey near the town of Dalwich. ...Read Review

Robert B. Parker’s Blackjack

By Robert Knott - Published 2016



Virgil Cole and Everett Hitch are the territorial marshals in Appaloosa, New Mexico during the late 19th century. A new gambling casino is ...Read Review

Fortune’s Whelp

By Benerson Little - Published 2015



In 1695, Scotsman Edward MacNaughton, former buccaneer captain, pirate, and fencing master, is on a mission in Ireland, delivering important letters from Lord Deigle ...Read Review

The Trench Angel

By Michael Keenan Gutierrez - Published 2015



Photographer Neal Stephens returns to Colorado in 1919 after taking pictures of the men who fought in the trenches of World War I. A ...Read Review

Beyond the Horizons

By Douglas Boren - Published 2014


The Civil War is raging in the West. Mace Alexander of Tennessee, along with his three friends, is faced with fighting the Union ...Read Review