Jeff Westerhoff

The Age of Treachery: A Duncan Forrester Mystery

By Gavin Scott - Published 2016



World War II has ended, and Special Operations Executive Agent Duncan Forrester is teaching ancient history at Oxford College. As he tries to ...Read Review

The Mechanic

By Alan Gold - Published 2016


This novel, which spans over 50 years, from World War II to 1998, depicts the devastating effects of the Jewish Holocaust and Nuremberg trials, and ...Read Review

Jacob’s Courage: A Holocaust Love Story

By Charles S. Weinblatt - Published 2016


In Austria in 1939, young Jacob Silverman and Rachael Goldberg are in love. Jacob plans to go on to college. Then tragedy strikes as ...Read Review

The Turbulent Trail

By Michael D. Thompson - Published 2016



Alcohol is ruining the life of Charlie Deegan, an ex-Army sharpshooter during the Civil War. A drunken brawler, he winds up in Yuma ...Read Review

The Lies that Bind: Book One of the DarkHorse Trilogy

By Edward H. Protzel - Published 2015


Durksen Hurst is a visionary on the run from the law. In 1859, Hurst comes upon a dozen escaped slaves hiding and living in ...Read Review

She Was Sheriff

By Melody Groves - Published 2016



In 1872, thirty-five-year old Maud Overstreet is made sheriff of Dry Creek, California. She accepts the position reluctantly, knowing it is temporary until the ...Read Review

Charlie Red

By Michael Zimmer - Published 2016



In the summer of 1882, Tom Slade is riding shotgun on a stagecoach traveling through central Arizona, delivering $45,000 of mine payroll. Thieves rob the ...Read Review

The Darkness and the Thunder

By Stewart Binns - Published 2015



As the year 1915 begins, a stalemate occurs with the allies, led by France and Great Britain on the western front, while Russia in ...Read Review

Texas Ranger: The Epic Life of Frank Hamer, the Man Who Killed Bonnie and Clyde

By John Boessenecker - Published 2016



Frank Hamer spent forty years as a peace officer, primarily with the Texas Rangers. Born in 1884, he would participate in approximately 52 gunfights and ...Read Review

The Winds of Folly

By Seth Hunter - Published 2016



In 1796, British captain Nathan Peake is ordered to proceed to the Adriatic Sea aboard the Unicorn. He is to determine if France, under ...Read Review

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