Jeanne Greene

While the Gods Were Sleeping

By Erwin Mortier - By Paul Vincent (trans.) - Published 2015



Set in Europe and encompassing World War I, this is a beautiful novel about love and the effect of war on love. There ...Read Review

American Meteor

By Norman Lock - Published 2015



April 1865. Private Stephan Moran, 18, bugler for the 173rd New York, loses one eye through carelessness with his gun. For this, he receives an ...Read Review

The Children’s Crusade

By Ann Packer - Published 2015


Ann Packer’s masterful new novel (after Songs Without Words, 2008) is the story of an American family told in their own words, which ...Read Review

Desperate Glory: The First World War the Poets Knew

By Max Egremont - Published 2014



Max Egremont, eminent historian and author, has organized a compendium of the work of poets who fought in World War I by year, ...Read Review

Leaving Berlin

By Joseph Kanon - Published 2014



Kanon’s latest thriller (after Istanbul Passage, 2012) takes place in the interstices of World War II and the Cold War. Like all of ...Read Review

The Bully of Order

By Brian Hart - Published 2014



Set in early 20th-century Washington State, Hart’s second novel (after Then Came the Evening, 2009) is a startlingly original but completely convincing family ...Read Review

Warrior Hearts: A Warbonnet Mystery

By Robert Kresge - Published 2014



This is the fourth in a series (after Death’s Icy Hand, 2013) set in the little town of Warbonnet, Wyoming Territory in 1873. The ...Read Review

Dance with the Devil

By J. D. March - Published 2014



Set in New Mexico after the Civil War, Dance with the Devil introduces a complex young anti-hero. Neglected, and abused as a child, ...Read Review

The Hour of Lead

By Bruce Holbert - Published 2014


In the 1920s, eastern Washington is a land of scattered farms and small towns separated by distance, weather, and terrain. Isolated families depend ...Read Review

The Two Hotel Francforts

By David Leavitt - Published 2014



Leavitt’s most recent success (after The Lost Language of Cranes, 2011) takes readers to Lisbon early in World War II. In a way, ...Read Review

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