Jeanne Greene

Home by Nightfall

By Charles Finch - Published 2015



This novel takes former Member of Parliament Charles Lenox home to Surrey to visit his elder brother, Sir Edmund. Even while keeping his ...Read Review

Vera Brittain and the First World War: The Story of Testament of Youth

By Mark Bostridge - Published 2014



In 1913, Vera Brittain is a young Englishwoman with every prospect of happiness before her. A year later, war breaks out; and Brittain’s ...Read Review

First Over There: The Attack on Cantigny, America’s First Battle of World War I

By Matthew J. Davenport - Published 2015



The United States declared war on Germany in 1917, but months went by without US deployment, with no end to the war in sight. ...Read Review

The Trouble with Patience

By Maggie Brendan - Published 2014



Montana Territory, 1866. The Civil War has ended and Nevada City, a rugged mining town, is a magnet for those who, like spinster Patience ...Read Review

Coventry: November 14, 1940

By Frederick Taylor - Published 2015



Now a thriving city in the English midlands, Coventry has a tragic—and tragically misunderstood—history. In 1940, a prolonged, systematic, and indiscriminate bombing ...Read Review

The Red Storm

By Grant Bywaters - Published 2015


This novel is set in New Orleans, in 1938, long before Joe Lewis broke the glass ceiling for boxers of color. William Fletcher is ...Read Review

Jade Dragon Mountain

By Elsa Hart - Published 2015



In this classic “who done it” set in 17th-century China, a librarian, Li Du, is exiled by the Emperor for political reasons. Wandering ...Read Review

Girl Waits with Gun

By Amy Stewart - Published 2015


Biographical FictionMystery/Crime

Horticulturist Amy Stewart turns from the world of plants (The Drunken Botanist, 2013) to that of 20th-century crime. The title, a headline from the ...Read Review

Up the Hill to Home

By Jennifer Bort Yacovissi - Published 2015



Up the Hill to Home follows the vicissitudes of three families, united by marriage into one, who call Washington, DC home from 1895 to 1939. ...Read Review

American Mythmaker: Walter Noble Burns and the Legends of Billy the Kid, Wyatt Earp and Joaquin Murrieta

By Mark J Dworkin - Published 2015



In the 1920s, Walter Noble Burns was America’s most popular chronicler of the Old West. His background as a newspaper reporter gave ...Read Review

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