Jeanne Greene

The Bride’s House

By Sandra Dallas - Published 2011



The only way to get rich in a Colorado mining town in 1880 is to strike gold or marry a rich man, like Nealie’...Read Review

Yellow Crocus

By Laila Ibrahim - Published 2010


Yellow Crocus, set in the antebellum era, tells the story of Hattie, an enslaved wet-nurse, living at Fair Oakes, a Virginia plantation, and ...Read Review

A Tapestry of Dreams

By Roberta Gellis - Published 2011



Set during in the 12th century, A Tapestry of Dreams takes place in the northern marches where English landowners, caught up in the ...Read Review

Leaving van Gogh

By Carol Wallace - Published 2011


Biographical Fiction

In his 37 years, Vincent van Gogh produced hundreds of paintings and letters; but there is still much we do not know about his ...Read Review

The Penningtons

By Pamela Oldfield - Published 2011



Oldfield’s latest is a uncomplicated mystery with stock characters, familiar plot, and very little suspense. Although not intended for young readers, the ...Read Review

The Red Garden

By Alice Hoffman - Published 2011


LiteraryShort Stories

Each tale in The Red Garden, a running story of residents of a small New England village, begins with someone coming to town ...Read Review

A Dead Man’s Secret

By Simon Beaufort - Published 2011



In Simon Beaufort’s sixth foray into 12th-century England, the king we know as Henry I orders Sir Geoffrey Mappestone to go to ...Read Review

Jane and the Madness of Lord Byron

By Stephanie Barron - Published 2010



Jane Austen is getting old. In Barron’s tenth mystery featuring the author of Pride and Prejudice as amateur sleuth, Miss Austen is ...Read Review

The Golden Prince

By Rebecca Dean - Published 2010


Biographical Fiction

A boy of seventeen, driving too fast on an English country road, clips a girl on a bicycle; he drives her home and ...Read Review

Whisper on the Wind: The Great War Series No.2

By Maureen Lang - Published 2010



Lang’s second novel set during the 1914-18 war (after Look to the East, 2009) provides inspirational romance and adventure. When the Germans invade ...Read Review