Jean Huets

Evil in Emerald (A Harriet Gordon Mystery)

By A. M. Stuart - Published 2022



In book three of this mystery series set in 1920s Singapore, British widow and suffragist Harriet Gordon is rehearsing in an amateur theatre ...Read Review

The Moon, the Stars, and Madame Burova: A Novel

By Ruth Hogan - Published 2021


Imelda Burova, a tarot card reader on the Brighton pier, is preparing to retire when her life intersects with that of Billie, a ...Read Review

Olav Audunssøn: I. Vows

By Sigrid Undset - By Tiina Nunnally (trans.) - Published 2020



In 13th-century Norway, Olav and Ingunn are betrothed to each other as children. As teenagers, romantic love grows between them, but their passion ...Read Review

The Mystic’s Accomplice (A Mystic’s Accomplice mystery, 1)

By Mary Miley Theobald - Published 2021



The Mystic’s Accomplice begins Mary Miley’s new mystery series, set in Prohibition-era Chicago. Maddie Pastore’s one-eye-open, one-eye-closed life implodes when ...Read Review


By Mary Casanova - Published 2021


1922, Minnesota. Trinity Baird has just been released from Oak Hills Asylum, to which her well-meaning parents committed her for nearly two years. She ...Read Review

This Side of Hell (A Widowmaker Jones Western)

By Brett Cogburn - Published 2021



This Side of Hell is the fourth in Brett Cogburn’s Widowmaker Jones Series. Here, Newt “Widowmaker” Jones joins a posse (mostly good ...Read Review


By Ben Hopkins - Published 2021



Spanning over a century—from 1229 to 1351—Cathedral doesn’t detail the workings of the humongous construction project at its heart. Nor does it ...Read Review

Clockwork Gypsy (Enchanter Chronicles)

By Jeri Westerson - Published 2020


Historical Fantasy

Clockwork Gypsy sees the return of Leopold Kazsmer, a sleight-of-hand performer with the ability to wield true magic. As in the first book ...Read Review

Jeeves and the Leap of Faith: A Novel in Homage to P. G. Wodehouse

By Ben Schott - Published 2020


Jeeves and the Leap of Faith is Ben Schott’s second romp through the setting and characters created by P. G. Wodehouse, starring ...Read Review

A Wild Winter Swan: A Novel

By Gregory Maguire - Published 2020


Historical Fantasy

Fifteen-year-old Laura is trying to spin a fairytale. The protagonist, herself, is a neglected orphan living in a cold garret—the attic apartment ...Read Review