Jean Huets


By Mary Casanova - Published 2021


1922, Minnesota. Trinity Baird has just been released from Oak Hills Asylum, to which her well-meaning parents committed her for nearly two years. She ...Read Review

This Side of Hell (A Widowmaker Jones Western)

By Brett Cogburn - Published 2021



This Side of Hell is the fourth in Brett Cogburn’s Widowmaker Jones Series. Here, Newt “Widowmaker” Jones joins a posse (mostly good ...Read Review


By Ben Hopkins - Published 2021



Spanning over a century—from 1229 to 1351—Cathedral doesn’t detail the workings of the humongous construction project at its heart. Nor does it ...Read Review

Clockwork Gypsy (Enchanter Chronicles)

By Jeri Westerson - Published 2020


Historical Fantasy

Clockwork Gypsy sees the return of Leopold Kazsmer, a sleight-of-hand performer with the ability to wield true magic. As in the first book ...Read Review

Jeeves and the Leap of Faith: A Novel in Homage to P. G. Wodehouse

By Ben Schott - Published 2020


Jeeves and the Leap of Faith is Ben Schott’s second romp through the setting and characters created by P. G. Wodehouse, starring ...Read Review

A Wild Winter Swan: A Novel

By Gregory Maguire - Published 2020


Historical Fantasy

Fifteen-year-old Laura is trying to spin a fairytale. The protagonist, herself, is a neglected orphan living in a cold garret—the attic apartment ...Read Review

The Piano Student

By Elisabeth Lauffer (trans.) - By Lea Singer - Published 2020


Biographical FictionLiterary

In Lea Singer’s biographical novel, The Piano Student, an elderly man, Nico Kaufmann, brings a younger man on a guided tour of ...Read Review

At Night All Blood Is Black

By Anna Moschovakis (trans.) - By David Diop - Published 2020



Alfa, a Senegalese soldier, delivers a harrowing confession from the Western Front of WWI France. (Senegal, then a French colony, contributed thousands of ...Read Review

The Lost Diary of Venice

By Margaux Deroux - Published 2020


Margaux DeRoux’s debut novel, The Lost Diary of Venice, weaves together two stories of forbidden love. In contemporary New Haven, William, a ...Read Review

The Beauty and the Terror: The Italian Renaissance and the Rise of the West

By Catherine Fletcher - Published 2020



The Beauty and the Terror captures, in increments of topical chapters, a place and time whose global influence—economic, religious, political, and artistic—...Read Review