Jasmina Svenne

Portrait of a Family with a Fat Daughter

By Judith Landry (trans.) - By Margherita Giacobino - Published 2017



This is the story of a matriarchal Italian family (or arguably two such families that merge into one), from the late 19th century ...Read Review

The Buttonmaker’s Daughter

By Merryn Allingham - Published 2017



It is May 1914, and self-made man Joshua Summer’s plan to create a magnificent Italian garden at his Sussex home Summerhayes is nearing ...Read Review

The Dancing Girl and the Turtle

By Karen Kao - Published 2017



When Song Anyi is orphaned, she decides not to wait for her uncle to fetch her and sets out on the long journey ...Read Review

The Liberation

By Kate Furnivall - Published 2016



A frightening encounter with the street children of bomb-damaged Naples in 1945 brings Caterina Lombardi in contact with the aloof Major Jake Parr, an ...Read Review

Wild Lavender

By Belinda Alexandra - Published 2016Published c2004


When 14-year-old Simone Fleurier is sent away from her family’s lavender farm in Provence to work for her miserable great-aunt in Marseilles, ...Read Review

Angel Heart

By Marie Laval - Published 2015


1815. Six years after her husband’s presumed death, half-French Marie-Ange is living in straitened circumstances in Devon. Possible financial succour arrives when the ...Read Review

Meet Me at the Pier Head

By Ruth Hamilton - Published 2015



Scarred by his traumatic past, hitherto half-American, half-Irish headmaster Theo Quinn has steered clear of love. But when exuberant teacher Tia Bellamy bursts ...Read Review

Spilt Milk

By Amanda Hodgkinson - Published 2014


The Marsh sisters, Nellie and Vivian, are inseparable until the great flood of 1913 brings a charismatic but unreliable stranger to their isolated cottage ...Read Review

The Angel and the Cad

By Geraldine Roberts - Published 2015



In 1805, aged 16, Catherine Tylney Long became England’s richest heiress. She could have had her pick of the suitors that clustered around her, ...Read Review

The Flight of Sarah Battle

By Alix Nathan - Published 2015


Sarah Battle grows up amid the chaos of her father’s coffeehouse in late 18th-century London where, inspired by the French Revolution, political ...Read Review