Jasmina Svenne

Blood & Sugar

By Laura Shepherd-Robinson - Published 2019



June 1781. Captain Harry Corsham is a veteran of the American War. He looks set to pursue a promising political career, and he dotes ...Read Review

Black Camp 21

By Bill Jones - Published 2018



In the wake of the D-Day landings, thousands of Germans are taken prisoner, including SS officer Max Hartmann. But while Hartmann broods on ...Read Review

Beneath a Frosty Moon

By Rita Bradshaw - Published 2018



It’s 1940 and teenager Cora Stubbs is not happy about being evacuated from Sunderland to the Northumbrian countryside with her four younger siblings. ...Read Review

The Ocean Liner

By Marius Gabriel - Published 2018



When American liner SS Manhattan sets sail for New York from war-torn Europe in 1939, it is crammed with refugees and returning Americans. Jewish ...Read Review

An Orphan’s War

By Molly Green - Published 2018



Maxine Taylor never wanted to be a nurse. That was her mother’s ambition, which Maxine felt obliged to fulfil because her ne’...Read Review

The Stranger

By Kate Riordan - Published 2018


Everyone living in Penhallow Hall in the summer of 1940 has a secret. There is the autocratic invalid Mrs Fox; her anxious, downtrodden daughter ...Read Review

The Madonna of the Mountains

By Elise Valmorbida - Published 2018



This is the story of one woman’s struggles to maintain her marriage and particularly to protect her children during the Fascist Era ...Read Review

The Burning Chambers

By Kate Mosse - Published 2018Published 2019


In Carcassonne in 1562, bookseller’s daughter Minou Joubert is baffled and unnerved when she finds an anonymous note addressed to her pushed under ...Read Review

The Poison Bed

By Elizabeth Fremantle - Published 2018



At the heart of one of the most notorious murder cases in the reign of James I lurks the ultimate Jacobean power couple: ...Read Review

Sugar Money

By Jane Harris - Published 2017Published 2018


Just before Christmas 1765, two mixed-race slaves, Lucien and his older brother Emile, are charged by their master Father Cléophas to travel from ...Read Review