Jasmina Svenne

The Pavilion in the Clouds

By Alexander McCall Smith - Published 2021



1938: not quite nine-year-old Bella Ferguson lives on a remote tea plantation in Ceylon (Sri Lanka) with her parents Henry and Virginia and her ...Read Review

The Return

By Anita Frank - Published 2021



May 1945: for everyone else, the end of the War in Europe is a cause for celebration. But for farmer Gwen Ellison, it’s ...Read Review

The Queen’s Spy

By Clare Marchant - Published 2021



In 2021, photojournalist Mathilde is used to living alone in her converted ambulance, so nothing prepares her for discovering she has a family and ...Read Review

Island Reich

By Jack Grimwood - Published 2021



May 1940. Safe-cracker Bill O’Hagan wants nothing to do with the current war after his experiences in the previous one but, when a ...Read Review

The Country of Others

By Leïla Slimani - By Sam Taylor (trans.) - Published 2021



When Mathilde follows her Moroccan husband Amine from Alsace to his homeland, she is in for a huge culture shock. The soldier she ...Read Review

The Girl from the Island

By Lorna Cook - Published 2021


1940: unable to leave their sick mother, sisters Persephone and Dido are trapped on Guernsey by the German invasion. They fear the worst when ...Read Review

The Dressmaker’s Secret

By Karen Dickson - Published 2021



Born to an unmarried mother, Lily Hayter has never lacked for love from her adopted parents and her brother Charlie. When she is ...Read Review

The Metal Heart: A Novel of Love and Valor in World War II

By Caroline Lea - Published 2021


When war unexpectedly makes itself felt in Orkney in 1941, the authorities decide to send a group of Italian POWs to build barriers to ...Read Review

When I Come Home Again

By Caroline Scott -


Just days before the Armistice in November 1918, a soldier suffering from total amnesia is found in Durham Cathedral. Renamed Adam Galilee, he is ...Read Review

The Girl from the Tanner’s Yard

By Diane Allen - Published 2020



Flirtatious tanner’s daughter Lucy Bancroft aspires to something better than the grinding drudgery her mother endures, raising too many children with little ...Read Review

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