Jasmina Svenne

When I Come Home Again

By Caroline Scott -


Just days before the Armistice in November 1918, a soldier suffering from total amnesia is found in Durham Cathedral. Renamed Adam Galilee, he is ...Read Review

The Girl from the Tanner’s Yard

By Diane Allen - Published 2020



Flirtatious tanner’s daughter Lucy Bancroft aspires to something better than the grinding drudgery her mother endures, raising too many children with little ...Read Review

The Pull of the Stars

By Emma Donoghue - Published 2020



This novel is set in Dublin during the Halloween of 1918. Nurse Julia Power finds herself solely in charge of a temporary ward in ...Read Review

The Young Survivors

By Debra Barnes - Published 2020


Even before the outbreak of World War II, the Laskowski children’s lives aren’t easy. Their parents are Polish Jews who have ...Read Review

Home Fires and Spitfires (Wartime Midwives Series)

By Daisy Styles - Published 2020



It is 1940 and, after recent upheavals, Mother and Baby Home Mary Vale in the Lake District is ready to receive new patients. These ...Read Review

The Invisible Land

By Hubert Mingarelli - Published 2020



In the immediate aftermath of World War II, an unnamed British war photographer sets out on a random road trip northward across Germany, ...Read Review

Hedy’s War (UK) / The Girl from the Channel Islands (US)

By Jenny Lecoat - Published 2020Published 2021


Biographical Fiction

After fleeing from Vienna to Jersey after the Anschluss, Hedy Bercu finds herself trapped and in danger once more when the Germans invade ...Read Review

The Devil’s Road (Dedalus Europe 2019)

By Jean-Pierre Ohl - Published 2019



When a gloomy pool is drained in March 1824 to make way for the Stockton-to-Darlington Railway, a skeleton is revealed with a dagger still ...Read Review

The Secret Messenger

By Mandy Robotham - Published 2020


Venice, 1943: Stella Jilani is leading a double life, working as a typist in the Reich Office, but smuggling out information for the Italian ...Read Review

The Forbidden Promise

By Lorna Cook - Published 2020


August 1940: escaping from a distressing incident at her 21st birthday party at Invermoray House, Constance is the sole witness when a Spitfire crashes ...Read Review

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