Jasmina Svenne

A Sixpence for Christmas

By Gracie Hart - Published 2022



Leeds 1895. Out of work and with a dying mother and a rebellious younger sister to care for, Meg Fairfax is struggling to cope. ...Read Review

Istria Gold

By Mike Downey - Published 2022



London, 2019. When undercover policeman Marco Mihailić’s cover is blown, he loses his job and the woman he loves. There seems only one ...Read Review

The Trouble with Tigers

By Roxane Dhand - Published 2022


India, 1902. When Lilly Myerson is sent by her controlling husband, Royce, to the hill resort of Nainital to join her mother, Binnie, for ...Read Review

A Quality Street Christmas

By Penny Thorpe - Published 2022



Autumn 1938, and unease about a possible war is spreading among the workers of Mackintosh’s chocolate factory in Halifax, Yorkshire, especially as some ...Read Review

The Secrets of Sainte Madeleine

By Tilly Bagshawe - Published 2022



Covering almost five decades, from 1923 to 1971, this is the story of three generations of Salignacs and their passionate love for the château ...Read Review

A Lady’s Guide to Fortune-Hunting

By Sophie Irwin - Published 2022


1818. Left impoverished by her spendthrift father’s death, jilted by her betrothed and with four younger sisters to provide for, Kitty Talbot hatches ...Read Review

The Diamond Eye

By Kate Quinn - Published 2022


In the years before WWII, Ukrainian Mila Pavlichenko only takes a sharpshooting course to prove to her estranged husband that she can be ...Read Review

The Woolworths Saturday Girls

By Elaine Everest - Published 2022



1950. The war is over, but rationing is still in place as the original Woolworths girls Sarah and Freda tackle the responsibilities of promotion ...Read Review

The Dressmaker’s Secret

By Lorna Cook - Published 2022


2018. Following the breakdown of her marriage, Chloe has decided to take a belated gap year in Paris, to work in a friend’s ...Read Review

The Whalebone Theatre

By Joanna Quinn - Published 2022


Cristabel Seagrave and her half/step-siblings, Flossie and Digby, are largely left to bring themselves up during the inter-war years in a country ...Read Review

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