Janice Parker

Ambition and Desire: The Dangerous Life of Josephine Bonaparte

By Kate Williams - Published 2013 (UK)Published 2014 (US & CAN)



Kate Williams, royal correspondent for CNN, has followed up her 2008 biography of Queen Victoria with a well-researched, heavily detailed biography of Josephine Bonaparte, ...Read Review

The Devil on Her Tongue

By Linda Holeman - Published 2014


Canadian author Linda Holeman’s latest novel, The Devil on Her Tongue, is a gripping blend of tragedy and triumph, secrets and revelations, ...Read Review

Once We Had a Country

By Robert McGill - Published 2013


Set in 1972, Canadian author Robert McGill’s latest novel, Once We Had A Country, might just sneak into the definition of ‘historic fiction’ (...Read Review

The Son of a Certain Woman

By Wayne Johnston - Published 2013



It doesn’t take readers of award-winning author Wayne Johnston’s latest novel, The Son of a Certain Woman, to recognise all the ...Read Review

My Ghosts

By Mary Swan - Published 2013



It might be said that Canadian author Mary Swan’s latest novel, My Ghosts, isn’t for everyone. Readers, for example, who like ...Read Review

Emancipation Day

By Wayne Grady - Published 2013


Navy Band trombonist Jack Lewis has a secret. It is a secret he carries with him from his hometown of Windsor, Ontario to ...Read Review

The Emperor of Paris

By C. S. Richardson - Published 2012



That baker Octavio Notre-Dame will meet art restorer Isabeau Normande in C. S. Richardson’s second novel, The Emperor of Paris, is never ...Read Review

The Firebird

By Susanna Kearsley - Published 2013



When art gallery assistant Nicola Marter takes hold of a small, carved bird, known only as the Firebird, she can tell at once ...Read Review

The Buckshaw Chronicles: Volume One

By Alan Bradley - Published 2012



The Buckshaw Chronicles: Volume One contains the first three novels by Canadian author Alan Bradley featuring the fascinating 11-year-old sleuth Flavia de Luce. ...Read Review

Beware This Boy

By Maureen Jennings - Published 2012



Beware This Boy is the second installment in the Detective Inspector Tom Tyler series from acclaimed author Maureen Jennings, internationally known for her ...Read Review