Janice Ottersberg

The Frozen River

By Ariel Lawhon - Published 2023



The frozen body of a man is captive in the ice of Maine’s Kennebec River. Once he is cut free and laid ...Read Review

Crow Mary

By Kathleen Grissom - Published 2023


Biographical Fiction

Crow Mary is based on the life of Goes First, a Crow chief’s daughter. Her story begins in 1863 as a young girl ...Read Review

A Volga Tale

By Guzel Yakhina - By Polly Gannon (trans.) - Published 2023



A Volga Tale tells a tale of two worlds on opposite sides of the Volga River. On the left bank is the endless ...Read Review

Chenneville: A Novel of Murder, Loss, and Vengeance

By Paulette Jiles - Published 2023



John Chenneville, a Union soldier, emerges from a months-long coma, discovering the Civil War has ended. He had suffered a severe brain injury ...Read Review

The Novelist from Berlin

By V. S. Alexander - Published 2023


Niki is a modern German woman in 1930s Weimar Berlin.  She enjoys her fun evenings with friends at the Leopard Club smoking Manoli ...Read Review


By María Dueñas - By Simon Bruni (trans.) - Published 2023


Sira continues the story of Sira Quiroga begun in The Time in Between (The Seamstress).  Sira had left Spain before the outbreak of ...Read Review

The Caretaker

By Ron Rash - Published 2023


In a small 1950s North Carolina town, gossip, secrets, and judgment affect the lives of its residents. Three characters stand out and rise ...Read Review

Queen of Exiles

By Vanessa Riley - Published 2023


Biographical Fiction

Hayti (Haiti) became a sovereign nation in 1804, free of slavery, after defeating Napoleon’s forces. The formerly enslaved now rule the new nation. ...Read Review

The Continental Affair

By Christine Mangan - Published 2023



Christine Mangan is masterful at creating alluring characters and atmosphere with a hint of the sinister, as done so well in Tangerine.  She ...Read Review

The Secret Sister

By Liz Trenow - Published 2023



The Secret Sister is a WWII story of the Bevin boys, unsung heroes who served on the home front. Twins Lizzie and Ed ...Read Review

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