Janice Ottersberg

The Parisians

By Marius Gabriel - Published 2019


In Paris on the eve of the Nazi invasion, the Ritz Hotel is the center of life for the rich and famous and ...Read Review

The Quintland Sisters: A Novel

By Shelley Wood - Published 2019


Biographical Fiction

In 1934 Ontario, the world’s first identical quintuplets were born to Oliva and Elzire Dionne, a poor French-Canadian farming family. These five tiny ...Read Review

The Story of Us

By Lana Kortchik - Published 2019


This novel was previously published as Savaged Lands and has been re-issued under a new title. In 1941, Natasha Smirnov and her family are ...Read Review

The House Children: A Novel

By Heidi Daniele - Published 2019


In early 1940s Ireland, six-year-old Mary Margaret Joyce is sentenced by a judge to nine years in The Certified Industrial School in Ballinasloe. ...Read Review

The Red Daughter: A Novel

By John Burnham Schwartz - Published 2019


Biographical Fiction

In 1967, Svetlana Alliluyeva defected from the Soviet Union to the United States.  This created a diplomatic storm because of who she was: the ...Read Review

Philipovna: Daughter of Sorrow (MiroLand)

By Valentina Gal - Published 2019



Valentina Gal tells the story of her mother, Vera Philipovna, living through a cruel time in Ukraine’s history. We follow Philipovna from ...Read Review

Beyond the Bay

By Rebecca Burns - Published 2018


Isobel and her husband Brendan left England to make a new life in New Zealand, but after ten years of struggling they have ...Read Review

In Search of Brigid Coltrane

By Seamus Beirne - Published 2018



It is 1941 in Ireland; Peter Coltrane and his young daughter, Brigid, are fishing in Loch Gorm when they witness the executions of two ...Read Review

The Irishman’s Daughter

By V. S. Alexander - Published 2019



Closest to Briana’s heart is the wild sea and land of County Mayo, Ireland. Her father, Brian Walsh, is the land agent ...Read Review

The Widows

By Jess Montgomery - Published 2019


It is 1925 when we meet Lily Ross as she is cleaning out a jail cell in preparation for the new prisoner her husband ...Read Review

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