Janice Ottersberg

Bangkok Wakes to Rain

By Pitchaya Sudbanthad - Published 2019



In 23 loosely connected short stories, this time-fluid novel weaves in and out of people’s lives, around and through time from the 19th ...Read Review

Bells for Eli

By Susan Beckham Zurenda - Published 2020


Cousins Delia and Eli grow up in a small town in South Carolina during the ´60s and ´70s. The book opens in 1978 when ...Read Review

The Occupation

By Deborah Swift - Published 2019



Céline and Fred are newlyweds building their life on the Channel Island of Jersey when WWII and the threat of German occupation ...Read Review

Across the Way (The Neighbors Series)

By Mary Monroe - Published 2020



This final book in the Neighbor trilogy continues the story of two black couples Odell and Joyce, and Milton and Yvonne in 1930s ...Read Review

In Our Midst

By Nancy Jensen - Published 2020


The internment of German immigrants in America during WWII is not a story often told. In 1941 we meet Otto, Nina, and their two ...Read Review

A Shadowed Livery

By Charlie Garratt - Published 2019



This mystery, first in a series set in 1938 England, dramatically opens with a hanging that is chillingly narrated by Inspector James Given. He ...Read Review

The Emerald Affair (The Raj Hotel)

By Janet MacLeod Trotter - Published 2020


This first book in the Raj Hotel series tells of four friends from Scotland, Esmie, Lydia, Tom, and Harold, who move to India ...Read Review

Lost Autumn / The True Story of Maddie Bright

By Mary-Rose MacColl - Published 2020-03-03


In 1920, following WWI, Edward, Prince of Wales, tours Australia. Maddie, Rupert, and Helen are part of his personal staff. Seventeen-year-old Maddie Bright is ...Read Review

In a Field of Blue: A Novel

By Gemma Liviero - Published 2020


Rudy Watts and his mother live in England’s Lake District at the family home, Lakeland Manor. It is 1922, his oldest brother Edgar ...Read Review

The Companion

By Kim Taylor Blakemore - Published 2020



“Count the bodies. One. Two. Three if we count Mary Dawson. Four if we count my Ned…” Thus begins this atmospheric, gothic novel ...Read Review

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