Janice Ottersberg

The River (The Valley Trilogy)

By Helen Bryan - Published 2021



The River is the third book in The Valley Trilogy, a generational saga which began in 1751 with The Valley. The second book, The ...Read Review

The Children’s Train

By Viola Ardone - Published 2021


In 1946 Italy, those living in the south are severely impoverished by the war. A children’s train will be taking groups of hungry, ...Read Review

Crooked Truth

By Kristine F. Anderson - Published 2020


In the post WWII South, fifteen-year-old Lucas lives with his Granny, Paw Paw, and Uncle Robert on their cotton farm. Thirteen years older ...Read Review

The Bridled Tongue

By Catherine Meyrick - Published 2020


In England in 1586, 28-year-old Alyce Bradley has learned to be “silent and obedient and not draw attention.” Twelve years ago, her outspoken ways ...Read Review

Under a Gilded Moon

By Joy Jordan-Lake - Published 2020


In New York in 1895, Kerry boards a train back to her home in the Blue Ridge Mountains. When she arrives, she sees the ...Read Review

A Bend In The River

By Libby Fischer Hellmann - Published 2020


Tâm and Mai Trang are sisters, aged seventeen and fourteen, living with their family in Vietnam. In March 1968, the sisters are washing ...Read Review

The Mill of Lost Dreams: A Novel

By Lori Rohda - Published 2020



The immigrants and disadvantaged who worked in the mills in 19th-century America faced long hours and difficult working conditions. Troy Mill in Fall ...Read Review

The Lenin Plot: The Unknown Story of America’s War Against Russia

By Barnes Carr - Published 2020



The year 1917 was full of turmoil for Russia. Tsar Nicholas II was forced to abdicate his throne, a provisional government took over, disputes ...Read Review

Atomic Love

By Jennie Fields - Published 2020


Rosalind (Roz) Porter is a scientist who was involved in the Manhattan Project.  Now in Chicago in 1950, she is working in Marshall Field’...Read Review

The Black and the White

By Alis Hawkins - Published 2020



In 1349 the Black Death is sweeping across England. We meet Martin as he recovers from the brink of death to find his father ...Read Review

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