Janice Ottersberg

Pelican Girls

By Julia Malye - Published 2024


Pelican Girls tells a vivid and potent story of women first discarded by society then sent as brides to shore up the floundering ...Read Review

The Silver Bone (The Kyiv Mysteries, 1)

By Andrey Kurkov - By Boris Dralyuk (trans.) - Published 2024



Andrey Kurkov is one of Ukraine’s greatest authors, with over 19 novels to date. The Silver Bone is his latest translated work and ...Read Review

The Woman in the Sable Coat

By Elizabeth Brooks - Published 2024


The Woman in the Sable Coat is a story of infidelity, secrets, murder, friendship, and marriage.  In the prologue, we meet Nina in 1946, ...Read Review

The Djinn Waits a Hundred Years

By Shubnum Khan - Published 2024


Historical Fantasy

Akbar Manzil, a mansion neglected and abandoned, is seeing new life with a motley crew of tenants taking up residence in its assorted ...Read Review

Becoming Madam Secretary

By Stephanie Dray - Published 2024


Biographical Fiction

Frances Perkins, a woman with a remarkable life and career, became the first female Secretary of Labor in 1933 when appointed by President-elect Franklin ...Read Review

The Wilderness Way

By Anne Madden - Published 2023


In Donegal, Ireland, forty-four Derryveagh families were cruelly evicted from their ancestral homes in 1861 by their landlord, John Adair. Madden tells the story ...Read Review

The Phoenix Bride

By Natasha Siegel - Published 2024


Cecilia Thorowgood and her adored husband travel to London in 1665 to visit her sister Margaret and husband Lord Eden. But their London merriment ...Read Review

All Our Yesterdays

By Joel H. Morris - Published 2024



All Our Yesterdays reimagines Lady Macbeth’s life up until the events begin in Shakespeare’s play. Only referred to as the Lady, ...Read Review

Ashes in the Snow

By Katherine Gregor (trans.) - By Oriana Ramunno - Published 2023



A cruel and evil Nazi doctor is murdered at Auschwitz, but should the murderer pay for this crime that benefits society?  This is ...Read Review

The Frozen River

By Ariel Lawhon - Published 2023



The frozen body of a man is captive in the ice of Maine’s Kennebec River. Once he is cut free and laid ...Read Review

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