Janice Derr

Death and the Sisters (A Mary Shelley Mystery)

By Heather Redmond - Published 2023



Sixteen-year-old Mary, the daughter of famed authors Mary Wollstonecraft and William Godwin, is a natural storyteller with a vivid imagination but feels her ...Read Review

When We Were Enemies

By Emily Bleeker - Published 2023



PR agent Elise comes from Hollywood royalty. Her mother and grandmother are megastars, yet the limelight has never held any allure for her. ...Read Review

Toward the Corner of Mercy and Peace

By Tracey Buchanan - Published 2023


Widow Minerva Place is used to a quiet, orderly life, and she prefers it that way. She has little interest in idle chit-chat ...Read Review

Through the Veneer of Time (Always and Forever Book 1)

By Vera Bell - Published 2023



Modern-day artist Siena has always felt an unexplained connection to Ireland, but lately, it has been even stronger. She begins having dreams about ...Read Review

A Waltz with Traitors

By A. L. Sowards - Published 2023


Inspirational Romance

Due to their loyalty to Tsar Nicholas II, Nadia’s father, mother, and aunt are executed by the Russian secret police, the Cheka. ...Read Review

Shadow of the Moon

By Edward McSweegan - Published 2023



Nolan leaves Chicago seeking adventure in Colorado but quickly discovers that the Wild West can be just as fierce and dangerous as described ...Read Review

The Heiress at Sea

By Christi Caldwell - Published 2023



Twenty-one and still unmarried, Lady Cassia McQuoid feels doomed to life as a spinster. Dreading a dull existence of doing ladylike things like ...Read Review

Singer Distance

By Ethan Chatagnier - Published 2022


Alternate History

In response to a message carved into the Tunisian desert in 1894, Martians began communicating with Earth. At first, the questions were simple equations, ...Read Review

The Ghetto Within

By Frank Wynne (trans.) - By Santiago H Amigorena - Published 2022


Biographical FictionLiterary

In 1928, former soldier and law student Vicente Rosenberg left Poland to start a new life in Argentina. He marries the beautiful Rosita and ...Read Review

Girls of Flight City

By Lorraine Heath - Published 2022



Twenty-four-year-old Jessie is a talented pilot, but as a woman, she has little chance of pursuing a career in aviation. She had hoped ...Read Review

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