Janice Derr

Singer Distance

By Ethan Chatagnier - Published 2022


Alternate History

In response to a message carved into the Tunisian desert in 1894, Martians began communicating with Earth. At first, the questions were simple equations, ...Read Review

The Ghetto Within

By Frank Wynne (trans.) - By Santiago H Amigorena - Published 2022


Biographical FictionLiterary

In 1928, former soldier and law student Vicente Rosenberg left Poland to start a new life in Argentina. He marries the beautiful Rosita and ...Read Review

Girls of Flight City

By Lorraine Heath - Published 2022



Twenty-four-year-old Jessie is a talented pilot, but as a woman, she has little chance of pursuing a career in aviation. She had hoped ...Read Review

The White Girl

By Tony Birch - Published 2022


As her granddaughter Sissy’s thirteenth birthday approaches, Odette develops a mysterious pain in her side and a deep sense of foreboding that ...Read Review

Things Past Telling

By Sheila Williams - Published 2022



Momma Grace could be as old as 112; no one knows her real age for sure, but there is no question that she has ...Read Review

Lady of the Law (Maud Overstreet, 2)

By Melody Groves - Published 2022



In 1872, life is pretty calm in Dry Creek, California, until a series of fires mysteriously breaks out. Recently elected sheriff Maud Overstreet appoints ...Read Review

The Duchess: A Novel of Wallis Simpson

By Wendy Holden - Published 2021


Biographical Fiction

At first, relocating to London sounds like a fresh start for Wallis. Finally, she can leave behind her old life in the United ...Read Review

The Commune

By Erica Abeel - Published 2021


Leora is struggling to keep it all together. Recently divorced, as a cash-strapped single mother, she has little time or emotional energy to ...Read Review

The Limits of Limelight

By Margaret Porter - Published 2021


Sixteen-year-old Helen Nichols is pretty and intelligent but has never seen herself as someone special. However, her cousin, rising star Ginger Rogers, sees ...Read Review

Love in a Time of Hate

By Matthew Langdon Cost - Published 2021


Young war veteran Emmett Collins is a special agent for the Freedman’s Bureau sent to New Orleans to help set up a ...Read Review

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