Janet Williamson

Vengeance Thwarted

By Prue Phillipson - Published 2011


Daniel Wilson leads his sick brother away from the battlefield against the Scots and goes in search of food, just as Arabella (Bel) ...Read Review

Lord James

By Catherine Hermary-Vieille - Published 2011


Biographical Fiction

This outstanding, enthralling biography of James Hepburn, fourth earl of Bothwell, lieutenant of Borders and keeper of Hermitage Castle, has been masterfully researched ...Read Review

The War Room

By Bryan Malessa - Published 2011



Born in the 1980s, in Chagrin Falls, Ohio, the adopted home of his East Prussian baker father, Sam is the eldest of three ...Read Review

At Midnight in a Flaming Town

By Lorraine Bateman - By Paul Cole - Published 2011


This collaborative story, inspired by written reports, documents and diaries, reveals the impact and consequences for both real and imaginary characters in Belgium ...Read Review

Conan’s Brethren

By Robert E. Howard - Published 2011


Short Stories

Published as part of the “Classic Heroes” series, which understandably has a massive following, this inventive collection of short stories and epic fantasies ...Read Review

Living in Hope

By Sue Allan - Published 2010


SagaShort Stories

This novel, which is divided into three related stories, was prompted by research into the author’s own family history and from a ...Read Review


By Paul House - Published 2009



As war breaks out in Europe, and Japanese troops advance towards Hong Kong, Molly Russell, daughter of the wheelchair‑bound Willard, and her ...Read Review

Of Honest Fame

By M.M. Bennetts - Published 2010



Set during the Napoleonic Wars, this story concerns the secretive Boy Tirrell, a talented child with a phenomenal memory, who is employed by ...Read Review

Debt of Dishonour

By Mary Andrea Clarke - Published 2010



This lively and engaging read opens when Georgiana Grey, otherwise known as the highwayman the Crimson Cavalier, is robbed at pistol‑point whilst ...Read Review

The Nine Lives of Kit Marlowe

By Jay Margrave - Published 2010



Christopher Marlowe, scholar, playwright, roustabout, and spy for the Queen, is considered a traitor by her spymaster William Cecil. To save him from ...Read Review