Janet Williamson

Dark Aemilia

By Sally O’Reilly - Published 2014


Sally O’Reilly has presented a colourful, enthralling, erotic, magical and mysterious debut novel based on extensive historical research. She presents a fascinating ...Read Review

All Change for Nurse Millie

By Jean Fullerton - Published 2013


This sequel to Call Nurse Millie (HNR 64) opens in July 1945 as the National Health Service is introduced throughout the country. District Nurse/Midwife ...Read Review

The Holy Drinker

By Neil Randall - Published 2014



This short fable opens in the remote Russian village of N, which is far removed from the ravages of the Bolshevik war. In ...Read Review

The Visitor

By Katherine Stansfield - Published 2013


This debut novel has two time frames, 1880 and 1936, and begins in Morlanow, Skommow Bay (Fowey), Cornwall, when Pearl and her husband Jack have ...Read Review

The Bootlace Boys

By Eric Collinson - Published 2011


This vividly realistic, tightly-paced and gripping novel draws on diaries and military records to convey the story of Ted Smith. The story begins ...Read Review

Hornet’s Sting

By Derek Robinson - Published 1999Published 2013



This novel vividly describes the multitude of characters and exploits of Hornet Squadron of the Royal Flying Corps and opens with them aiding ...Read Review

Forest Brothers

By Geraint Roberts - Published 2013


This debut novel opens in Estonia in 1918, in the wake of the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917, when the country declared independence from Russia. The ...Read Review

A Conscious Englishman

By Margaret Keeping - Published 2013


Biographical Fiction

Set in 1914 shortly after the declaration of war, this biographical novel covers the final years of journalist and poet Edward Thomas and opens ...Read Review

Call Nurse Millie

By Jean Fullerton - Published 2013


This novel, set in 1945, tells the story of Amelia (Millie) Sullivan, a Sister employed by St. George’s and St. Dunstan’s District ...Read Review

The Reichsbank Robbery

By Colin Roderick Fulton - Published 2013



This visually evocative novel, set towards the end of the Second World War, tells of Sturmbannführer (Major) Friedrich Schonewille, an accountant working ...Read Review

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