Janet Hancock

The Dogs and the Wolves

By Irène Némirovsky - Published 2009



Irène Némirovsky was born in Kiev in 1903, the daughter of a Jewish banker. In 1918, the family fled the revolution, settling in ...Read Review

The People’s Train

By Thomas Keneally - Published 2009


Biographical FictionLiterary

This is a fictionalised biography of Artem Sergiev, prisoner in pre-revolutionary Russia who fled to Australia in 1911. In Thomas Keneally’s hands the ...Read Review

A Winding Road

By Jonathan Tulloch - Published 2009



The circumstances surrounding a masterpiece’s creation – witness Vermeer’s Girl with a Pearl Earring – is fertile ground for fiction writers. In A ...Read Review

The Great Lover

By Jill Dawson - Published 2009


Biographical Fiction

  The island of Tahiti holds a fascination for troubled souls. Gauguin lived there in the 1890s. So too, in the early months ...Read Review

Black Orchids

By Gillian Slovo - Published 2008



The first ninety pages and the last thirty of this profound novel are arresting, sensual, initially in 1946 Ceylon, later 1972 Sri Lanka. The book ...Read Review

Dreamers of the Day

By Mary Doria Russell - Published 2008



(1) Mary Doria Russell takes readers from post-World War I Ohio to Egypt and back again in this roman à clef of the creation of ...Read Review

The Spanish Bow

By Andromeda Romano-Lax - Published 2007 (US)Published 2008 (UK)


Can art save us from ourselves? In her elegant debut, Ms. Romano-Lax ponders this timeless question through the ambitious tale of Feliu Delargo, ...Read Review

The Flight

By Bryan Malessa - Published 2007



This is a powerful story of a rarely told episode of World War II. Early in 1945, Ida and her younger son, daughter and ...Read Review

The Moldavian Pimp

By Edgardo Cozarinsky (trans.Nick Caistor) - Published 2006



In present-day Buenos Aires, the narrator, a journalism student, begins a dissertation about early 20th century Yiddish theatre. He finds the script of ...Read Review

Lost Voices Of The Edwardians

By Max Arthur - Published 2006



This book combines oral history and pictures which include stills from Mitchell and Kenyon film footage in a compilation of hundreds of excerpts ...Read Review