Jane Steen

The Lockwoods of Clonakilty

By Mark Bois - Published 2015


Lieutenant James Lockwood of the Inniskilling Regiment returns home to Clonakilty after the battle of Waterloo, badly wounded. He recovers a precarious health ...Read Review

Man Eater: The Life and Legend of an American Cannibal

By Harold Schechter - Published 2015



Alfred (or possibly Alferd) Packer was a former Union soldier turned drifter who sought his fortune in Colorado by prospecting for silver. He ...Read Review

Hearts Made Whole

By Jody Hedlund - Published 2015



This is the second full novel in the short Beacons of Hope series (after Love Unexpected), set in lighthouses around the Michigan shore. ...Read Review

The Secrets of Casanova

By Greg Michaels - Published 2013



In 1755 Jacques Casanova, exiled from Venice, visits his brother in Paris and comes into possession of a mysterious scroll. Hoping it will provide ...Read Review

The Disinherited: A Story of Family, Love, and Betrayal

By Robert Sackville-West - Published 2015



This is the second book by Robert Sackville-West (aka Lord Sackville) about his family and the sprawling house (far too small a word ...Read Review

Mistress Firebrand

By Donna Thorland - Published 2015


Jennifer Leighton is a playwright and a loyalist. In 1775 Manhattan, both her gender and her politics are against her. Theaters, especially those staging ...Read Review

Serpents in the Cold

By Douglas Graham Purdy - By Thomas O’Malley - Published 2015



For Boston natives Cal O’Brien and Dante Cooper, life has been a struggle to survive since World War II. Their old Irish-Polish-Italian ...Read Review

The Guinea Boat

By Alaric Bond - Published 2015



This fluently written adventure tells the story of two friends, young fishermen whose lives move in opposite directions after an encounter with a ...Read Review

Eleanor Marx: A Life

By Rachel Holmes - Published 2015Published 2015-03-26Published c2014



There are some people whose lives intersect during an era in which great changes occur; there are others who are instrumental in ensuring ...Read Review

The Phantom of Rue Royale

By Howard Curtis (trans.) - By Jean-Francois Parot - Published 2014Published c2008



Police commissioner Nicolas Le Floch has a rooftop view of the firework display celebrating the marriage of the Dauphin to Marie-Antoinette in 1770 Paris, ...Read Review