Jane Lawrenson

The Nightingale Girls

By Donna Douglas - Published 2013


This is a story about love and life for three very different girls as they become nurses on the wards of a pre-war ...Read Review

The River of No Return

By Bee Ridgway - Published 2013



This novel is beautifully written with a real sense of rhythm to the words which made it very easy to read. I found ...Read Review

A Sister’s Shame

By Carol Rivers - Published 2012


This was a strange book, as despite the themes and the cover, which appealed to me, I just couldn’t get into it. ...Read Review

Lives of Notorious Cooks

By Brendan Connell - Published 2012


On first look, this little book doesn’t give much away. I had read the blurb which told me, in part, what to ...Read Review