Jane Hill

The General’s Women

By Susan Wittig Albert - Published 2017


In May 1942, Kay Summersby, the senior woman driver, parked her olive-drab Packard in front of the American Embassy in Grosvenor Square to wait ...Read Review

The Marriage of Miss Jane Austen, Vols. 1 and 2

By Collins Hemingway - Published 2016


Alternate History

At the age of 26, Jane meets Ashton Dennis at a ball in Bath. The following day Jane walks with her sister, Cassandra, through ...Read Review

Monte Carlo Masquerades

By Monte Renfro - Published 2016


In March 1914, five months before the start of WW1, Lily Turner arrives for work as a personal secretary at the Murphys’ hotel suite ...Read Review

The Lady of the Tower

By Elizabeth St. John - Published 2015


Biographical Fiction

“Silver drizzle veiled the stone walls rising from the stagnant water. To the North the White Tower glistened but bade no welcome, for ...Read Review

The Silent Children

By Amna K. Boheim - Published 2015



In 2004 Max Albrecht learns that his mother has died at the family home in Vienna. For nearly seventy years they have not spoken. ...Read Review

The Devil Returns Twice As Deadly

By Fred Smith - Published 2016



Robert Williams, County Bailiff, travelled countless miles each year collecting unpaid taxes. Failing to comply with the law from those in debt left ...Read Review

The Embroiderer

By Kathryn Gauci - Published 2014



A late-night call from Athens pulls a young woman from 1970s London to the bedside of a dying aunt, the last link to ...Read Review

The Web and the Wing

By Teresa Raftery - Published 2013Published 2013-09-28



The Great War is over, but nothing at Ardleagh Hall will ever be the same. Instead of coming home for Easter, Austen, eldest ...Read Review

The Evergreen in Red and White

By Steven Kay - Published 2013Published 2014-01-15


Biographical Fiction

Rabbi Howell is twenty-eight. Born in a tent on the edge of Sheffield to Romani parents, he escaped the mines and became a ...Read Review

Thomas Sutherland: A Great Victorian

By Malcolm Sutherland - Published 2011



Thomas Sutherland was born in Scotland and had an austere childhood. Even his mother did not remember the date of his birthday. Thomas ...Read Review