J. Lynn Else

The Paragon Hotel

By Lyndsay Faye - Published 2019


It’s 1921 during Prohibition, and “Nobody” Alice James is trying to get as far as possible from her previous life as a gun ...Read Review

Let the Dead Keep Their Secrets (Gilded Age Mystery)

By Rosemary Simpson - Published 2018



New York, 1889. Heiress Prudence McKenzie and ex-Pinkerton Geoffrey Hunter are hired by Claire Buchanan, who suspects her sister’s death wasn’t caused ...Read Review

Of Fire and Lions

By Mesu Andrews - Published 2019



In 605 B.C., Abigail is captured by enemy soldiers while hiding in the Holy Temple. She’s forced to serve four captive princes ...Read Review

The Chef’s Secret

By Crystal King - Published 2019


Renaissance Italy, 1577. Bartolomeo Scappi has died. The famed chef of several popes and orchestrator of the most lavish banquets known to Rome, Scappi ...Read Review

Mrs Cox: Crime Grant Finalist

By Jan Moore - Published 2019


Tensions over the failed gunpowder plot of 1605 are still fresh in the minds of the people of London. So when an elderly woman ...Read Review

The Reckoning at Gossamer Pond

By Jaime Jo Wright - Published 2018



Two women separated by 100 years are bound together by their small town’s buried secrets. Gossamer Grove, Wisconsin, in 1907 is shaken up by ...Read Review

The Gods Help Those: A Seventh Case from the Notebooks of Pliny the Younger

By Albert A. Bell jr. - Published 2018



When Pliny the Younger is called to the scene of a collapsed warehouse, multiple bodies are found. One of them, wearing equestrian clothing, ...Read Review

The Impossible Girl

By Lydia Kang - Published 2018



1850. Jacob has many secrets. For one, Jacob is really a girl named Cora. The other secret was discovered at birth when the doctor ...Read Review

The Story Collector: A New York Public Library Book

By Kristin O'Donnell Tubb - Published 2018


Children/Young AdultMystery/Crime

Viviani Fedeler is a story collector. She was born in the New York Public Library and resides there still in 1928 with her family, ...Read Review

Murder at the Flamingo (A Van Buren and DeLuca Mystery)

By Rachel Mcmillan - Published 2018



Hamish DeLuca is done having his father intervene in his life.  He decides to leave home and move in with his cousin, Luca, ...Read Review

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