India Edghill

Good for a Single Journey (Holocaust Survivor True Stories)

By Helen Joyce - Published 2023


Good for a Single Journey is the novelization of a true story: that of the author’s family. From her great-grandparents down the ...Read Review

The Nightingale Affair

By Tim Mason - Published 2023



In 1855, the Crimean War still rages, and within the walls of the Barracks Hospital, another war takes place between the male doctors and ...Read Review

Skull’s Vengeance (Curse of Clansmen and Kings)

By Linnea Tanner - Published 2022



Set in Britain and Gaul in 26 CE, Skull’s Vengeance is the saga of Catrin, princess, slave, gladiatrix, druidess. We come in at ...Read Review

Bright Shadow

By Jan Middleton - Published 2022


Biographical Fiction

The setting is England, circa 1480-1520, and the titular “Bright Shadow” is Katherine Plantagenet – daughter, sister, aunt of kings – one of the daughters ...Read Review

One Woman’s War: A Novel of the Real Miss Moneypenny

By Christine Wells - Published 2022


England, WWII: and another take on Operation Mincemeat, the most famous espionage operation of any war you care to mention. (It involved tossing ...Read Review

The Silence of Scheherazade

By Betsy Göksel (trans.) - By Defne Suman - Published 2022



My birth, on a sweet, orange-tinted evening… in 1905 Smyrna, Turkey, begins an enchanting tale of mother and daughter, of a time and place ...Read Review


By Melody Razak - Published 2022



India in 1947 is a land torn by violence: violence caused by the pen-stroke that turned India of the British Raj into two new ...Read Review

Treachery on Tenth Street (A Gilded Gotham Mystery)

By Kate Belli - Published 2022



New York City, 1889:  Genevieve Stewart, a high society lady who’s become an investigative journalist, is spending the summer in the heat and ...Read Review

The Proposition: A Novel

By Madeleine Roux - Published 2022



England, 1819.  What would you do for revenge?  This is the question Clemency Fry must answer, and the wrong answer will lead to endless ...Read Review

Kaikeyi: A Novel

By Vaishnavi Patel - Published 2022



The great ancient Indian epic, the Ramayana, is told from Ram’s point of view—naturally enough, as he’s the god-hero of ...Read Review

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