India Edghill

A Woman of Endurance

By Dahlma Llanos-Figueroa - Published 2022


Puerto Rico, 1850. Pola is torn from her home on the west coast of Africa and sold into slavery. She works the sugar cane ...Read Review

The Bait (To Catch A Leopard)

By C.W. Gortner - By M.J. Rose - Published 2022


Venice in 1958 is a playground for the rich, and one of those playing there is Ania Throne, a world-renowned jewelry designer.  Allegedly in ...Read Review

The Grand Anicut

By Veena Muthuraman - Published 2021


Southern India, circa 50 CE: Marcellus, the scion of a wealthy Roman trading family, arrives in India to arrange for the purchase of pearls. ...Read Review

Love, Theodosia: A Novel of Theodosia Burr and Philip Hamilton

By Lori Anne Goldstein - Published 2021


Biographical Fiction

First, a confession: I’ve never seen Hamilton, and haven’t heard the song that inspired this novel. But I have heard of ...Read Review

Starlight in the Dawn

By Naveen Sridhar - Published 2021


The city of Ur, about 2300 BCE: Sargon the Great rules the Akkadian Empire, and his daughter Enheduanna is the high priestess of Ur. ...Read Review

The Shadows of Men (Wyndham & Banerjee Mysteries)

By Abir Mukherjee - Published 2021



1920s Calcutta can be a perilous place. Muslim and Hindu tensions are running high, and the city is a tinderbox awaiting a match. ...Read Review

Jane Austen’s Cousin: The Outlandish Countess de Feuillide

By Geri Walton - Published 2021



The subtitle of this book is “The Outlandish Countess de Feuillide,” and outlandish she was to her neighbors in the Austens’ home area.  ...Read Review

America’s Last Emperor: Book One

By Darren Mckeeman - Published 2021


While this novel is based on fact, its subtitle is “A Tale of Old San Francisco,” and what a wild tale it is! ...Read Review

Infamous (Rebels of the Ton)

By Minerva Spencer - Published 2021



A prank gone awry changes lives in this delightful Regency romance. In her first Season, beautiful Celia Trent became a pawn in the ...Read Review

Island Queen: A Novel

By Vanessa Riley - Published 2021


Biographical Fiction

It is a truth that should be universally acknowledged, that history is written by the winning side – and traditionally our history has been ...Read Review

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