Ilysa Magnus

Consequences: A Historical Novella

By Nicole Evelina - Published 2021


Set in Dublin in 1824-1827, this story introduces us to the Venerable Catherine McAuley, who is being considered for sainthood by the Catholic ...Read Review

Castle Shade

By Laurie R. King - Published 2021



Despite their considerable age difference, Mary Russell and Sherlock have been partners for many years and married for five—and their partnership is ...Read Review

Old Sins (A Henry Johnstone Mystery 6)

By Jane A. Adams - Published 2021



It is 1929 in England, and two retired police officers are dead. Suicide is suspected since both men had been experiencing financial difficulties in ...Read Review

An Unexpected Peril (A Veronica Speedwell Mystery)

By Deanna Raybourn - Published 2021



I am always thrilled when I learn of a new installment in the Veronica Speedwell series—and this one was well worth the ...Read Review

A Mother’s Promise

By K. D. Alden - Published 2021


In Buck v. Bell, Oliver Wendell Holmes—perhaps one of the most respected Supreme Court judges—wrote a majority opinion upholding Virginia’s ...Read Review

Acts of Hope: Part 2 of The Inquisition Trilogy

By Martin Elsant - Published 2020


In this sequel to Acts of Faith, author and Israeli radiologist Elsant creates a learned, stirring stand-alone novel about the Portuguese Inquisition and ...Read Review

The Fabergé Secret

By Charles Belfoure - Published 2021



In St. Petersburg in 1903, Prince Dimitri Markov is a close ally and friend to the Romanov royal family. Tsar Nicholas and his wife ...Read Review

The Steel Beneath the Silk (Emma of Normandy Trilogy)

By Patricia Bracewell - Published 2021


Biographical Fiction

In this glorious conclusion to Bracewell’s Emma of Normandy trilogy, Emma becomes an even greater, wiser, savvier queen than ever she was ...Read Review

Son of Nothingness, A Novel of Appearances

By Ona Russell - Published 2020


In 1949 in Los Angeles, Andrew Martin—born Andrés Martinez—is a successful attorney representing management against workers. He has turned his back ...Read Review

The Eyes of the Queen (An Agents of the Crown Novel)

By Oliver Clements - Published 2020



This is the first in a new series in which Dr. John Dee from the 16th century becomes the first 007, head of the ...Read Review

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