Hilary Daninhirsch

The Twelve-Mile Straight

By Eleanor Henderson - Published 2017



In Depression-era rural Georgia, twin babies are born to Elma Jesup. This would not normally be cause for any eyebrows to be raised, ...Read Review

Come Back for Me

By Sharon Hart-Green - Published 2017



Come Back for Me is a superb novel about love, loss, letting go of the past and choosing life. When he is a ...Read Review

When It’s Over

By Barbara Ridley - Published 2017


In pre-WWII Prague, Lena Kulkova, who is Jewish, becomes involved with the underground resistance movement, as well as with Otto, a German-Jewish refugee. ...Read Review

The Life She Was Given

By Ellen Marie Wiseman - Published 2017


Ellen Marie Wiseman is noted for capturing little known pockets of American life and depicting them with heart and insight; her latest novel ...Read Review

Kiss Carlo

By Adriana Trigiani - Published 2017


Fans of Adriana Trigiani have a new reason to rejoice with the publication of her latest gem, Kiss Carlo. Trigiani is adroit at ...Read Review

A Trail of Crumbs

By Susie Finkbeiner - Published 2017



A Trail of Crumbs takes place where A Cup of Dust left off. Young Pearl Spence is recovering from a traumatic incident in ...Read Review

Marion Hatley

By Beth Castrodale - Published 2017


Is it possible to outrun your past? To begin anew? Those are the questions that plague Marion Hatley in 1931 when she flees a ...Read Review

The Practice House

By Laura McNeal - Published 2017


The dusty Great Plains of Kansas provides a stark backdrop to an unconventional love story set in the early 1930s. Aldine McKenna and ...Read Review

The Illusionist’s Apprentice

By Kristy Cambron - Published 2017


Behind every great illusionist is a powerful and intelligent woman who holds the key to all of the secrets and tricks kept hidden ...Read Review

One Good Mama Bone

By Bren McClain - Published 2017



In rural South Carolina in the 1950s, Sarah Creamer, through unforeseen circumstances, ends up raising the son born from an affair between her ...Read Review

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