Hilary Daninhirsch

The Yellow Bird Sings: A Novel

By Jennifer Rosner - Published 2020


A mother’s unconditional love and fierce desire to protect her child is at the heart of this tragic and beautiful novel set ...Read Review

Freedom Lessons: A Novel

By Eileen Harrison Sanchez - Published 2019


Told in alternating viewpoints, this impressive novel reaches back in time to the early days of school integration, and to a place in ...Read Review

The Moonshiner’s Daughter

By Donna Everhart - Published 2020


It is 1960, and Jessie Sasser has inherited a legacy that she does not want: she comes from a long line of moonshiners. In ...Read Review

What She Lost

By Melissa W. Hunter - Published 2019


Biographical Fiction

Described as part memoir, part fiction, What She Lost is an emotional story closely based on the life of the author’s grandmother. ...Read Review

The Sisters of Summit Avenue

By Lynn Cullen - Published 2019


Sibling rivalry and its consequences are at the heart of this gripping character-driven novel set in the Midwest during the Depression era. Even ...Read Review

The Bright Unknown

By Elizabeth Byler Younts - Published 2019



Brighton Turner was born into the worst possible circumstances: her mother delivered her while “imprisoned” in a mental institution in rural Pennsylvania. With ...Read Review

The Winemaker’s Wife

By Kristin Harmel - Published 2019


Straddling two time periods, The Winemaker’s Wife chronicles the little-known story of the French resistance in the Champagne region of France during ...Read Review

The Last Train to London

By Meg Waite Clayton - Published 2019


Biographical Fiction

There are many unsung heroes – known as Righteous Gentiles – who risked their own lives to save Jewish people from extermination under Nazi rule. ...Read Review

How We Disappeared

By Jing-Jing Lee - Published 2019


Straddling two timelines and told from the perspective of two narrators, How We Disappeared is an evocative glimpse into Japanese-occupied Singapore during World ...Read Review

The Song of the Jade Lily

By Kirsty Manning - Published 2019


Flipping back and forth between World War II times and present day, The Song of the Jade Lily is a moving story of ...Read Review