Helen Piper

The Lost Diary of M

By Paul Wolfe - Published 2020



In 1964, Washington socialite Mary Pinchot Meyer was murdered during her daily walk in Georgetown. The murder remains unsolved to this day, and rumors ...Read Review

The Light After the War

By Anita Abriel - Published 2020


Inspired by her mother’s story of survival during the Holocaust, Anita Abriel relates the tale of two young women trying to carve ...Read Review

Blackbird Blues

By Jean K Carney - Published 2019


In her debut novel, Jean K. Carney chronicles the story of aspiring jazz singer Mary Kaye in Chicago during the 1960s. When Kaye’...Read Review

The Girl in White Gloves: A Novel of Grace Kelly

By Kerri Maher - Published 2020


Biographical Fiction

In her second venture into historical fiction, after documenting Kathleen “Kick” Kennedy and her debutante days in London, author Kerri Maher turns her ...Read Review

Tell Me No Lies: A Lady Dunbridge Novel

By Shelley Noble - Published 2019



In the second book in Shelley Noble’s Lady Dunbridge Mystery series, set in Gilded Age New York, the indomitable heroine Lady Philomena ...Read Review

A Trace of Deceit: A Novel

By Karen Odden - Published 2019



A Trace of Deceit continues Karen Odden’s Victorian mystery series. The book follows Annabel Rowe, one of the few female students at ...Read Review


By Paul Colt - Published 2020



Young Harvard graduate William Cabott Weston III has decided not to join the family firm and pursues a career as a journalist instead. ...Read Review

The Wicked Redhead (The Wicked City series)

By Beatriz Williams - Published 2019


The Wicked Redhead is the second book in the Wicked series (after The Wicked City), but it is not necessary to read them ...Read Review

The Whispers of War

By Julia Kelly - Published 2020


Julia Kelly, author of The Light over London, offers up another fascinating insight into the lives of wartime women with The Whispers of ...Read Review

Script for Scandal (A Lillian Frost and Edith Head mystery)

By Renee Patrick - Published 2020



This is the third book in the series featuring amateur sleuths Lillian Frost and Edith Head solving murders in 1930s Tinseltown. In this ...Read Review