Helen Johnson

Code Name Kingfisher

By Liz Kessler - Published 2023


Children/Young Adult

Amsterdam, 1942.  A boy crawls into a concealed compartment behind a kitchen cupboard.  There, he waits, alone in the dark. In the present day, ...Read Review

Cinnamon Girl

By Trish Macenulty - Published 2023


Children/Young Adult

1960s Augusta, Georgia, and motherless Eli Burnes enjoys a magical childhood in the home of her opera singing step-grandmother, Mattie. Mattie spoils Eli, ...Read Review

The Fate of a King (The Road to Hastings, 3)

By K. M. Ashman - Published 2023



January 1066, Rouen, Normandy, and Earl Tostig Godwinson, exiled from England, seeks vengeance. His mission is to depose his brother, the recently crowned King ...Read Review

A Sign of Her Own

By Sarah Marsh - Published 2024


London, England, during the reign of Queen Victoria, and Alexander Graham Bell visits his former pupil, Ellen Lark. Ellen watches him talk as ...Read Review

The Loyal Centurion (Quintus Valerius Mysteries)

By Jacquie Rogers - Published 2023



AD 224, and Quintus Valerius, Imperial Investigator, travels to Eboracum (York), administrative base of the most northern outpost of the Roman Empire. At an ...Read Review

My Fair Lord

By Elisabeth Hobbes - Published 2024



Liverpool, early 20th century. Florence Wakechild, daughter of a wealthy American industrialist, is here to snaffle an English aristocrat. But it is not ...Read Review

A Seeker of Tales (Grandmothers’ Footsteps Book 3)

By Marilyn Pemberton - Published 2023


Florence, Italy, 1888, and Harriet Marston is overcome by emotion as she views a painting in a gallery. As the tsunami of tears subsides, ...Read Review

Columba’s Bones: Darkland Tales

By David Greig - Published 2023


Iona, 825 AD, and a gang of Vikings raids a Celtic monastery. In one brutal day, a multitude of characters is reduced to three ...Read Review

Rosie Raja: Mission to Cairo

By Sufiya Ahmed - Published 2023


.Children/Young Adult

September 1941, and Rosie Raja and her father visit a WAAF training school in England. The drive there has been, she surmises, an excuse ...Read Review

The Armour of Light (UK) / The Armor of Light (US) (The Kingsbridge Novels, 5)

By Ken Follett - Published 2023



New technology threatens workers’ jobs, war causes shocking food price inflation, hungry children depend on a free school meal. Welcome to 1792 in Kingsbridge, ...Read Review

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