Helen Hart

Pax Britannica

By David Jenkins - Published 2013



Pax Britannica tells the story of a troop of present-day soldiers who are thrown back through the centuries to Roman Britain, with two ...Read Review

Black Dynasty

By Geoffrey Hindley - Published 2012



Black Dynasty tells the story of African-American life in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Ruthless shopkeeper Willard Stone poaches an idea ...Read Review

The Covenant Within

By R.A.R. Clouston - Published 2006



Charismatic American CEO Jack Sinclair is plagued by nightmares. He seems to be re-living past lives, and when his long-lost brother commits suicide, ...Read Review

The Axe, The Shield, and the Triton

By James M Hockey - Published 2010


This novel is first in a promised series that tells of a 17th-century gleeman and his stories. The Axe, the Shield, and the ...Read Review

Lions of the Grail

By Tim Hodkinson - Published 2011



During the troubled reign of Edward II, former Knight Templar Richard Savage has been left to rot in a dungeon. He is unexpectedly ...Read Review

Kinmer’s Lea

By Gloria Morgan - Published 2008


Children/Young AdultTime-slip

Twelve-year-old Edwin goes to stay with his Gran at Kinmers Lea, her old house near Hastings. Somehow he and Gran travel through time ...Read Review

Molly September

By Maggie Secara - Published 2011



Seventeen-year-old Molly September is the legitimate daughter of a privateer and a lady. Raised in a French convent, she arrives in 17th-century Port ...Read Review