Gwen Sly

One Step At A Time

By Beryl Matthews - Published 2006


Amy Carter at 14 lived in rented rooms in Wapping, her mother suffering from TB and her father a merchant seaman often away at ...Read Review

Daughter of the Crocodile

By Duncan Sprott - Published 2006


If Duncan Sprott is to be believed, the Ptolemys, rulers of Egypt for twelve generations, were the first dysfunctional family. Practising incest in ...Read Review

The Other Eden

By Sarah Bryant - Published 2005Published 2006



  In 1924 Eleanor Rose turns 21 and inherits her family estate in Louisiana, ‘Eden’s Meadow’. Left an orphan as a child and brought ...Read Review

Family of Women

By Annie Murray - Published 2006



  Family of Women is set in Birmingham between the years 1926 and 1960 but spans more than half a century when returning to the ...Read Review

The First Casualty

By Ben Elton - Published 2006


In 1917 England was not only fighting the Great War in France but was also witnessing a period of industrial unrest at home. Socialism ...Read Review

island of ghosts

By Gillain Bradshaw - Published 1999



This is the story of Ariantes, a Prince of Sarmatia, land of nomadic tribes beyond the Danube. Newly conquered by Rome, their armies ...Read Review