Gwen Sly

Folly du Jour

By Barbara Cleverly - Published 2007Published 2008



Paris, 21 May 1927. Commander Joe Sandilands DSO of Scotland Yard lands at Le Bourget airport seconds before Charles Lindbergh completes his historic transatlantic flight ...Read Review

War Brides

By Helen Bryan - Published 2007


War Brides is the story of five young women who come together in a small Sussex village in 1939. From divergent backgrounds they will ...Read Review

Murder at Deviation Junction

By Andrew Martin - Published 2007



An amateur footballer has seriously injured a goalkeeper at a friendly match on the railway grounds in York and railway detective Jim Stringer ...Read Review

Death on the Nevskii Prospekt

By David Dickinson - Published 2006Published 2007



Russia, terrorist capital of the world at the beginning of the 20th century. In St Petersburg the body of an English diplomat has ...Read Review

Man of War

By Allan Mallinson - Published 2007



In 1827 the Battle of Trafalgar is twenty years in the past and the everlasting peace in Europe, which was to have been built ...Read Review

The Shoe Queen

By Anna Davis - Published 2007



In Art Deco 1920s Paris when it was a second home to the Americans, the City of Lights was a cheap place to ...Read Review

Filming: A Love Story

By Tabish Khair - Published 2007


In 1947 the subcontinent of India gained independence from Great Britain and religious freedom, resulting in the partition of the Hindu Indian state and ...Read Review

Troy: Shield of Thunder

By David Gemmell - Published 2006 (UK)Published 2007 (US)



Plain-faced Helen sits behind the walls of Troy, married to Paris but never to Menelaus; Andromache loves another but is betrothed to Hektor, ...Read Review

Katey: The Life and Loves of Dickens’ Artist Daughter

By Lucinda Hawksley - Published 2006



Lucinda Hawksley, a direct descendant of Charles Dickens, demonstrates that family history can be of great interest to outsiders. Katherine Elizabeth Macready Dickens ...Read Review

The Serpent’s Tooth

By Michelle Paver - Published 2006


Michelle Paver has written a very good book in The Serpent’s Tooth. It is the final part of her Eden trilogy but ...Read Review