Gini Grossenbacher

The Kaiser’s Last Kiss

By Alan Judd - Published 2003Published 2016


“The Kaiser was chopping logs.” So begins and ends the arc of this fast-paced narrative which takes place in 1940 at Huis Doorn, the ...Read Review

Duty to the Crown

By Aimie K. Runyan - Published 2016


It’s May 1677 outside the Quebec Settlement, New France, in the Canadian colonies. Told through three alternating characters, the story begins with Manon, ...Read Review

A Hero of France

By Alan Furst - Published 2016



German-occupied Paris, March 10th, 1941. The novel opens with Mathieu, head of a Resistance cell, and through his eyes we see the silent streets ...Read Review

France: A Modern History from the Revolution to the War with Terror

By Jonathan Fenby - Published 2016



This book frames the past 200 years of French history within the context of the current waves of terrorism which began with the killings ...Read Review

Bromley Girls

By Martha Mendelsohn - Published 2016


Children/Young Adult

In 1955, fourteen-year-old Emily Winter finds herself the new student at Bromley, an upper-crust girls’ school in New York City. She becomes friends with ...Read Review

The Reason for Time

By Mary Burns - Published 2016


Monday, July 21, 1919. A dirigible falls from the sky onto Chicago’s Illinois Trust and Savings Bank, a piece of glass hitting a young ...Read Review