Geri C. Gibbons

Of Irish Blood

By Mary Pat Kelly - Published 2015



This is the sequel to Galway Bay and continues the author’s family’s history; this time the main character is based upon ...Read Review

The Tudor Vendetta

By C.W. Gortner - Published 2014


Brendan Prescott is steeped in intrigue once again in this newest installment in Gortner’s Elizabeth I Spymaster Chronicles. Gortner captures the religious ...Read Review

The Queen’s Bed: An Intimate History of Elizabeth’s Court

By Anna Whitelock - Published 2013



So much has been written about the life and times, love affairs and political maneuvers of Elizabeth I. Yet few books have approached ...Read Review

The Seventh Trumpet

By Peter Tremayne - Published 2013



Like all good mysteries, The Seventh Trumpet begins with an unidentified corpse – that of a nobleman, found murdered by a river in Ireland ...Read Review

The First Blast of the Trumpet

By Marie MacPherson - Published 2013


Biographical Fiction

This is the first of three novels about the life and times of Scottish Reformation preacher John Knox, brilliantly told by Marie MacPherson. ...Read Review

The Boleyn King

By Laura Andersen - Published 2013


Alternate History

What if Anne Boleyn had not miscarried of her son and savior in the winter of 1536 and instead had given Henry VIII the ...Read Review

The Graves Are Walking: The Great Famine and the Saga of the Irish People

By John Kelly - Published 2012



John Kelly’s account of the Irish potato famine is a thoroughly researched and smoothly written story of the events that led to ...Read Review

Come Rain, Come Shine

By Anne Doughty - Published 2012



Ireland in the early 1960s: Savvy, sophisticated Clare Hamilton returns from France to her native Armagh to marry Andrew, her childhood sweetheart, and ...Read Review