Georgia Rose Phillips

The Murder of Rosa Luxemburg

By Klaus Gietinger - By Loren Balhorn (trans.) - Published 2019



It is the post-WWI period, and Germany is in the slouch of defeat. A revolutionary air is passing through the country. The radical ...Read Review

There Was Still Love

By Favel Parrett -



The much anticipated There Was Still Love is Favel Parrett’s third novel. It continues her legacy of writing moving fiction in her ...Read Review

The Seventies: The Personal, the Political and the Making of Modern Australia

By Michelle Arrow - Published 2019



The Seventies in Australia were a time of great socio-political upheaval, one that Dr. Michelle Arrow, Associate Professor in Modern History at Macquarie ...Read Review

A Universe of Sufficient Size

By Miriam Sved - Published 2019


It is Brooklyn, 1950, and the appearance of a mysterious parcel containing mathematical workings arrives in the afternoon mail. Its contents, however, are from ...Read Review