Georgia Rose Phillips

The Tolstoy Estate

By Steven Conte - Published 2020



Steven Conte describes his second novel, shortlisted for the Walter Scott Prize, as the ‘love child’ of War and Peace and the less ...Read Review

The Bee and the Orange Tree

By Melissa Ashley - Published 2019


This bustling book is set in Paris in 1699, under the reign of Louis XIV. It explores the lives of a group of female ...Read Review

The Murder of Rosa Luxemburg

By Klaus Gietinger - By Loren Balhorn (trans.) - Published 2019



It is the post-WWI period, and Germany is in the slouch of defeat. A revolutionary air is passing through the country. The radical ...Read Review

There Was Still Love

By Favel Parrett -



The much anticipated There Was Still Love is Favel Parrett’s third novel. It continues her legacy of writing moving fiction in her ...Read Review

The Seventies: The Personal, the Political and the Making of Modern Australia

By Michelle Arrow - Published 2019



The Seventies in Australia were a time of great socio-political upheaval, one that Dr. Michelle Arrow, Associate Professor in Modern History at Macquarie ...Read Review

A Universe of Sufficient Size

By Miriam Sved - Published 2019


It is Brooklyn, 1950, and the appearance of a mysterious parcel containing mathematical workings arrives in the afternoon mail. Its contents, however, are from ...Read Review