Geoffrey Harfield

City of Devils

By Diana Bretherick - Published 2013



Set in wintry 1887 Turin, this blockbuster follows James Murray, a young Scottish doctor in training with eminent, medico-crime expert, Cesare Lombroso. It is ...Read Review

A World Between Us

By Lydia Syson - Published 2012


AdventureChildren/Young Adult

In a story of young loves lost in the Spanish Civil War, Felicity and Nat meet at Mosley’s 1936 Black Shirt march in ...Read Review

Poacher’s Moon

By Ann Cliff - Published 2012



This is a fine Victorian novel with action, intrigue, big houses and hardworking Yorkshire folk. It starts predictably with a brutal landlord and ...Read Review

The Stationmaster’s Farewell

By Edward Marston - Published 2012



If you like a Victorian detective whodunit set in a railway background, largely around Exeter (UK) St David’s GWR train station, then ...Read Review


By Aly Monroe - Published 2012



This book is a cracking political thriller. Set in 1946 blitzed London, Icelight has fast action, resilient characters and sparkling period feeling. The hero, ...Read Review

For the Love of Catherine

By Carole Llewellyn - Published 2012



Crossing on the Titanic to see her sister on the New York stage, a young mother, Mair (the heroine of the story); her ...Read Review

Cross My Heart

By Sasha Gould - Published 2012


AdventureChildren/Young Adult

Venice, 1585. Confined to a convent for the six years since her mother’s death, 16-year-old Laura lives for her memories of her happy ...Read Review

Mr Micawber Down Under

By David Barry - Published 2012


A brilliant, fast, enjoyable read, this shows the ever optimistic Wilkins Micawber and family under hard times in Australia, in the Melbourne mud ...Read Review

Off the Rails

By Beryl Kingston - Published 2011


Biographical Fiction

Set in York, England, from 1830, this book is mainly a true account of George Hudson, the most remarkable rogue of the Victorian railway ...Read Review

Sea of Troubles

By M Stanford-Smith - Published 2011



We have, in the first pages, a host of people of varying social position with confusing names, firmly in the writer’s mind ...Read Review