Gail M. Murray

The Girl Who Was Me Is Gone

By Michael Brown - Published 2020



Brown, a former film- and screenwriter, has created a vivid, electric, action-packed novel. He exposes a little-known period of 17th-century Irish history: when ...Read Review

The Last Hoffman

By Gwen Tuinman - Published 2020


Set in the pulp and papermill town of Narrows Falls, Gwen Tuinman’s debut novel encompasses environmental stewardship much like Erin Brockovich. Floyd ...Read Review

A Shadowed Fate (A Lord Byron Mystery)

By Marty Ambrose - Published 2020



This sequel to Claire’s Last Secret continues the life of Mary Shelley’s stepsister, Claire Clairmont. Both novels refer to the halcyon ...Read Review

The Black Swan of Paris

By Karen Robards - Published 2020


Robards’ gripping novel is a powerful tale set in 1944 Nazi-occupied France. Artists have leeway in this strict, brutal regime, which enables Genevieve Dumont, ...Read Review

Bridge to Belle Island

By Julie Klassen - Published 2019


Inspirational Romance

Benjamin Booker, a handsome London attorney, is dispatched to the Wilder estate on fictional Belle Island, an idyllic island in the Thames, by ...Read Review