Gail M. Murray

Hemingway’s Widow: The Life and Legacy of Mary Welsh Hemingway

By Timothy Christian - Published 2022



Canadian biographer and former law professor Christian’s meticulous archival research, interviews with people who knew Mary Hemingway, and quotes from her memoir, ...Read Review

For Those Who Are Lost

By Julia Bryan Thomas - Published 2022


Imagine being given 24 hours’ notice to evacuate your children or let them face the wrath of Nazi occupation. In June 1940, over 5,000 children were ...Read Review

The Surgeon’s Daughter

By Audrey Blake - Published 2022


Set in the 1840s, when women were denied entry to British and American medical schools and doctors routinely succumbed to contagious diseases suffered ...Read Review

Beneath a Starless Sky

By Tessa Harris - Published 2021


What begins as a sweeping romance between a Jewish ballerina and a dashing German-Italian officer soon develops into a political thriller. In 1930 Munich, 18...Read Review

Until Leaves Fall in Paris

By Sarah Sundin - Published 2022



Unbeknownst to each other, two Americans in Paris become resistance workers. He is Paul Aubrey, an industrialist, engineer, owner of Aubrey Automobile, and ...Read Review

Still Life

By Sarah Winman - Published 2021



Spanning four decades, this novel begins in 1944 as Allied troops liberate Italy. British soldier Ulysses “Temps” Temper meets middle-aged art historian Evelyn Skinner ...Read Review

The Tobacco Wives

By Adele Myers - Published 2022


North Carolina native Myers mines her family history while incorporating extensive research on Big Tobacco in this chilling exposé. Set in a fictional ...Read Review

The Last Dance of the Debutante

By Julia Kelly - Published 2022


Kelly immerses the reader in the rarefied mid-20th-century world of British debutantes, where we experience the Season along with shy, studious 18-year-old ...Read Review

Song of Salzburg: Romance on the Orient Express #4

By Jen Geigle Johnson - Published 2021


Inspirational Romance

Young violinist, Freya Winter, has been accepted to study in the Salzburg Youth Orchestra under the renowned Maestro, a master musician shrouded in ...Read Review

The Play’s the Thing

By Jesscia Barksdale Inclán - Published 2021


Historical Fantasy

In this historical fantasy, suspend disbelief and take a comedic romp through Elizabethan England, circa 1598. Travel to Will Shakespeare’s time with the ...Read Review