G. J. Berger

Snake Oil: It All Comes Around

By Marcus Galloway - Published 2019



Not much goes unnoticed in the 1878 Dakota Territories mining camp, especially not the arrival of that brightly-painted wagon of itinerant “snake oil” salesman ...Read Review

A Murderous Marriage (A Lady and Lady’s Maid Mystery)

By Alyssa Maxwell - Published 2019



Photo-beautiful Julia Renshaw is set to wed businessman Gilbert Townsend on the Isle of Wight in the spring of 1920. Julia’s family estate ...Read Review

The Shining Fragments

By Robin Blackburn McBride - Published 2018


Eight-year-old Joe Conlon’s dear Mam dies on their ship’s passage from Ireland to Canada in 1882. A grandmotherly passenger takes Joe and ...Read Review

Children of God

By Lars Petter Sveen - Published 2018



Translated from Norwegian, thirteen somewhat interlocking vignettes portray life on the edge of society in Israel at the time of Jesus. Roman soldiers ...Read Review

Forever and a Day: A James Bond Novel

By Anthony Horowitz - Published 2018



World War II has ended, the Korean War has just begun, and British agent 007 turns up dead off a quay by Marseilles. The ...Read Review

When the Men Were Gone: A Novel

By Marjorie Herrera Lewis - Published 2018


It’s the start of the 1944 high school football season in Brownwood, Texas, and those great Friday nights when the whole town forgets ...Read Review

The Sheer Nerve: A Mission Behind Enemy Lines

By Rob Lofthouse - Published 2018



In the spring of 1943, monstrous concrete bunkers on the French west coast protect a key supply and repair area for U-boats. Captain Hook ...Read Review

The Arid Sky

By Emiliano Monge - By Thomas Bunstead (trans.) - Published 2018



Translated from the original Spanish, this novel presents, in an out of order, jumbled narrative, the important events from the violent life of ...Read Review

The Cards Don’t Lie

By Sue Ingalls Finan - Published 2018


This novel covers the run-up to and the Battle of New Orleans between British redcoats and the rag-tag forces of General Andrew Jackson. ...Read Review

Tough Mothers: Amazing Stories of History’s Mightiest Matriarchs

By Jason Porath - Published 2018



This handsome book presents fifty vignettes (two to five pages each) about courageous mothers. Some are recent and well known—Sojourner Truth, Bella ...Read Review

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