Frank Flaherty

The Nibelungen Hoard

By Edwin M. Todd - Published 2014



The action of Todd’s gripping and well-orchestrated debut splits between the final days of the Third Reich and four decades later, in 1989, ...Read Review

The Loyalist’s Wife

By Elaine Cougler - Published 2013


The historical reality behind Elaine Cougler’s excellent pair of novels, The Loyalist’s Wife and The Loyalist’s Luck, is one that ...Read Review

The Sword and the Well

By Ann Chamberlin - Published 2014



“No man ever does anything for a single reason,” insists battered old warrior Khalid ibn al-Walid at the beginning of Ann Chamblerin’s ...Read Review

Norseman Raider

By Jason Born - Published 2014



Born, author of the Wald series, here continues his Norseman Chronicles by furthering the adventures of his hero Halldorr, who is once again ...Read Review

Heir to a Prophecy

By Mercedes Rochelle - Published 2014


The prophecy mentioned in the title of Mercedes Rochelle’s book Heir to a Prophecy is one that will be familiar to anybody ...Read Review