Fiona Alison

Stitching a Life: An Immigration Story

By Mary Helen Fein - Published 2020


Children/Young Adult

Stitching a Life begins in Lithuania, in 1900, where Max, the oldest son of a Jewish family is about to turn 12. When the Russian ...Read Review

The Postman (Penguin Specials)

By Jesse Field (trans.) - By Yu Bi - Published 2020


This is a small book but a large, impressive story, simply told and heartbreaking but concluding with hope. In Shanghai in 1936, when young ...Read Review

The Interpreter

By A.J. Sidransky - Published 2020



The Interpreter is a fictional biographical WWII thriller, alternating between 1939-40 and 1945, gleaned from family records, particularly the experiences of Kurt Berlin. In 1939, 17...Read Review

Brass Carriages and Glass Hearts

By Nancy Campbell Allen - Published 2020


Historical FantasyRomance

Emmeline (Emme), an advocate for the rights of the Shifter community, is the newly elected spokeswoman for an upcoming summit meeting in Scotland. ...Read Review

Key to Everything

By Valerie Fraser Luesse - Published 2020


Set in 1947, The Key to Everything is a story about the freedom to pursue one’s dreams. Fifteen-year-old Peyton Cabot loves to watch ...Read Review

The King at the Edge of the World

By Arthur Phillips - Published 2020



In 1591, by order of the Sultan, chief physician Dr Ezzedine travels to the Elizabethan court, regretfully leaving behind wife, son and contentment. Confident ...Read Review

Beyond the Ghetto Gates: A Novel

By Michelle Cameron - Published 2020


Shortly after being appointed Commander-in-chief in 1796, Napoleon invades Italy and forces the withdrawal of Austria. When he reaches the city of Ancona, he ...Read Review

Murder Under a Green Sea (Max & Martha Mysteries)

By Phillip Hunter - Published 2020



Meet the Daltons; Martha, daughter of wealth, and Max, former Grenadier Guard and now a journalist in 1936 London. This very British murder mystery ...Read Review

Unyielding Hope (When Hope Calls)

By Janette Oke - By Laurel Oke Logan - Published 2020


Inspirational Romance

After the death of her stepmother, Lillian and her adoptive father are about to close up their Alberta home for an extended visit ...Read Review

Creatures of Charm and Hunger (The Diabolist’s Library)

By Molly Tanzer - Published 2020


Historical Fantasy

Towards the end of WWII, in a remote English village, two girls are being groomed to join the Société des Éclairées, ...Read Review

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