Fiona Alison

The Tuscan House

By Angela Petch - Published 2021



In 1947, war hero Richard Moorhead receives an invitation to attend a community celebration in Corbello, Tuscany. Although a pacifist, he had worked with ...Read Review

The Viscount Made Me Do It (Clandestine Affairs, 2)

By Diana Quincy - Published 2021



Like most of his class, Thomas, Viscount Griffin scoffs at bonesetters, dismissing them as charlatans. In an effort to prove this to the ...Read Review

The Puritan Princess

By Miranda Malins - Published 2020


Biographical Fiction

The period from 1649 to 1661 was the first and only time in English history, since Aethelstan ruled a united England in the 10th century, ...Read Review

The Year Without Summer

By Guinevere Glasfurd - Published 2021



In April 1815, Mount Tambora erupted on Sunbawa, killing as many as 12,000 islanders. Glasfurd places this eruption, still known as the most lethal in ...Read Review

The Tulip Tree

By Suzanne McCourt -



The Tulip Tree is a complex family saga, taking readers through a volatile sweep of time in an ever-changing Poland from 1920 to 1954: a ...Read Review

The Nature of a Lady (The Secrets of the Isles)

By Roseanna M. White - Published 2021


Inspirational Romance

In 1906, Lady Elizabeth (Libby) Sinclair travels with her maid and friend, Mabena Moon, to the thoroughly romantic setting of the Scilly Isles for ...Read Review

The Constant Man (A Willi Geismeier thriller, 2)

By Peter Steiner - Published 2021



Set during the early years of Hitler’s chancellorship leading up to World War II, The Constant Man is a gripping tale of ...Read Review

The Silk House

By Kayte Nunn - Published 2021


Three storylines in two timelines make up this evocative tale. In 1768, Rowan, a young maid with a healing gift and the sight, joins ...Read Review

What Passes as Love

By Trisha R. Thomas - Published 2021


Life on the Holt plantation, in 1860, is easier for Dahlia Holt than most. The enslaved daughter of owner Lewis Holt, she passes for ...Read Review

A New York Secret

By Ella Carey - Published 2021



In 1942, debutante Lily Rose is a sous-chef at Valentino’s, an upscale restaurant in New York, which has weathered the Depression and WWI. ...Read Review

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