Elizabeth Jane

The Golden Dice

By Elisabeth Storrs - Published 2013


When Caecilia chooses the rugged Etruscan general Vel Mastarna over her allegiance to Rome, the outcome is war. Yet, although considered a traitor ...Read Review

Bitter Greens

By Kate Forsyth - Published 2012Published 2014


Having long loved the Rapunzel fairy tale, I couldn’t wait to start reading Kate Forsyth’s latest novel. Bitter Greens not only ...Read Review

Blow on a Dead Man’s Embers

By Mari Strachan - Published 2011



The war is over, but it has left its mark on the tiny West Wales village of Non and her family. Men are ...Read Review

Nanberry: Black Brother White

By Jackie French - Published 2011


AdventureBiographical FictionChildren/Young Adult

When Nanberry sees the great ships of the white-skinned ghost-people sailing into Sydney Cove, he does not realise that he is witnessing the ...Read Review

The Wedding Shroud: A Tale of Early Rome

By Elisabeth Storrs - Published 2010


Born of a patrician mother and a wealthy plebeian father, Caecilia is no ordinary Roman citizen, but a product of two conflicting worlds. ...Read Review

The Blue-eyed Aborigine

By Rosemary Hayes - Published 2010


AdventureChildren/Young Adult

Jan Pelgrom is a cabin boy on the ill-fated Dutch ship, Batavia. When Batavia runs aground on a reef, passengers and crew are ...Read Review

Stories from the Billabong

By James Vance Marshall - Published 2010


Children/Young AdultHistorical Fantasy

Stories from the Billabong is a collection of aboriginal myths and legends inspired by the dreaming of the Yorta Yorta people whose traditional ...Read Review


By Christine Hinwood - Published 2009


Children/Young Adult

Cam Attling comes home from war one-armed, broken and alone. The villagers of Kayforl want to know why Cam is alone. What happened ...Read Review

The Night They Stormed Eureka

By Jackie French - Published 2009


Children/Young AdultTime-slip

Huddled beneath the tombstone of Percival Puddleham, homeless teenager Sam longs for a haven in the past. A time when families lived in ...Read Review

A Woman of Seville

By Sallie Muirden - Published 2009



At noon each day, Paula Sanchez, a courtesan in the city of Seville, enters the Mercedarian convent along with the handsome Father Rastro, ...Read Review